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Thor 5? Chris Hemsworth Is Open to a Return, but There’s a Caveat

Chris Hemsworth is open to starring in Thor 5 if and when it happens. He has appeared in all four Thor films, including the upcoming fourth installment of Thor: Love and Thunder. There is a significant caveat, though.

Thor 5 will only be released if the new film delivers a unique perspective on the staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I

n any case, Hemsworth wants to steer clear of repeating himself in order to prevent fans from growing “too accustomed” to the role. He added humorously that he was going to leave Thor before he was asked to. Hemsworth stated to Total Movie: “I’m always open to whatever creative exploration can take place, due to various authors, directors, and other creatives, if the opportunity arises and presents itself.


  • In each of the first four Thor movies, Hemsworth portrayed the main character.
  • On July 7, Thor: Love and Thunder will be made available in India.

What did Chris Hemsworth Share about Thor 5?

Thor 5

However, I genuinely enjoy portraying the part. The fundamental question is always, “Is this script different from the prior one? Do we keep saying the same thing? And I believe I’d have to respond, “Yeah, no, this doesn’t,” when it starts to feel too similar. I believe I’ve… Before someone tells me to leave, I want to leave.”

Thor 5 has not yet been announced, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige previously suggested that there is plenty of room for it given the stories found in the comic books.

According to Feige, there is a tonne of additional Thor comic book scenarios that we frequently discuss. I’d be interested to see how Chris Hemsworth develops this intricate character as we watch him grow and improve as big acting ability.

Thor: Love and Thunder, which sets Hemsworth’s God of Thunder against Christian Bale’s merciless antagonist Gorr the God Butcher, is likely to shed additional light on Thor’s destiny in the MCU.

On July 8, the fourth Thor movie opens in theatres all across the world. On July 7, Thor: Love and Thunder will be available in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Malayalam, one day earlier than in India.

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