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They Cloned Tyrone Movie: Latest Updates!!!

They Cloned Tyrone Updates: They Cloned Tyrone was a film that many of us were delighted to see on Netflix’s 2022 movie slate when it was revealed in February.

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We’ve compiled a list of all the pertinent information about the upcoming original film and produced a guide to share with you.
Juel Taylor makes his feature film directing debut with They Cloned Tyrone, a science fiction film.
Taylor is best known for his role in the sports drama Creed 2. Taylor and Tony Rettenmaier co-wrote the screenplay, which was produced by MACRO.


We’ve included the synopsis from What’s on Netflix below:
A pulpy sci-fi mystery caper in which an odd trio examines a sequence of strange incidents that lead them to a malevolent conspiracy hidden right beneath their noses.
Fontaine, a local drug dealer, is shot and killed by a rival, Isaac, and then wakes up unhurt in his bed the next morning.
He, Slick Charles, and Yo-Yo launch an investigation into the occurrence, which leads them to a massive subterranean complex where a government-backed facility is conducting experiments on the local Black community.
Fontaine is first depressed upon learning that he is a manufactured clone controlled by Nixon, but he determines that for the sake of his community, he must stand up to these white institutional masters.


The primary cast is listed below, courtesy of IMDb:
• John Boyega as Fontaine
• Jamie Foxx as Slick Charles
• Teyonah Parris as Yo-Yo
The cast also includes a number of other excellent actors. On the official IMDb page for the film, you can see the entire cast and crew.

They Cloned Tyrone


Netflix has yet to announce an official release date as of April 18. We’re expecting for an announcement from the streamer soon.
The film’s production began in 2020, but no completion date has been set.
We know that the film is currently in post-production and has most likely been for some time, so the sci-fi film could be available on Netflix at any time.
The good news is that by the end of the year, They Cloned Tyrone will be available on the streaming service.
From the 1:00-1:01 mark in the Netflix 2022 Movie Preview video, audiences get a sneak peek at the movie.
For the time being, our best guess for a release date is later this summer.
Of course, since this is just a guess, the movie could come out sooner or later than the summer. As soon as the date is set, we’ll let you know.


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