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The Valet 2022: Here Is The Latest Updates!!!

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The Valet 2022 Updates: The Valet, starring Eugenio Derbez (CODA) and Samara Weaving (Nine Perfect Strangers), will launch globally on Disney’s streaming channels on May 20th, according to Hulu.

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In The Valet, a paparazzi snaps a shot of Olivia (Weaving) with her married boyfriend, Vincent, resulting in a public relations crisis (Max Greenfield). Antonio (Derbez), a hardworking valet, is persuaded to pretend as Olivia’s new boyfriend as a cover-up after he mistakenly appears in the same photo. In this romantic comedy about a fish out of water couple, two worlds and cultures collide as Olivia and Antonio begin to understand themselves more clearly than they have in the past.

Betsy Brandt, Carmen Salinas Lozano, Amaury Nolasco, Marisol Nichols, Diany Rodriguez, Tiana Okoye, John Pirruccello, Ravi Patel, Noem González, and Lunay feature in The Valet, an English-language version of the 2006 French film of the same name. 3Pas Studios’ Derbez and Ben Odell produced the film, which was directed by Richard Wong from a script by Rob Greenberg and Bob Fisher.


A wealthy tycoon, Pierre Lavasseur (Daniel Auteuil), faces disaster when a paparazzo takes a picture of him with his longstanding mistress (Alice Taglioni). Pierre must avoid a divorce at all costs because his wife (Kristin Scott Thomas) owns a majority stake in their company. Pierre hires Francois Pignon (Gad Elmaleh), a parking attendant who is also in the photograph, on the advice of his lawyer, to masquerade as his lover’s “true” boyfriend and thereby conceal the affair from his wife.

The Valet 2022

A poster featuring Olivia and Antonio in all of their coupled up beauty accompanies the trailer release. Olivia smiles at Antonio as she stands on the red carpet with cameras flashing in all directions, holding his face in her hands. Meanwhile, Antonio, dressed in his valet costume, peers at the camera, his face uncertain. “Never Judge a Couple by Their Cover,” says the emblem on the poster.

Olivia (Samara Weaving), a world-famous movie star, faces a public relations crisis when a paparazzi snaps a photo of her with her married lover, Vincent, in “The Valet” (Max Greenfield). Antonio, Olivia’s hardworking valet (Eugenio Derbez), is enlisted to masquerade as Olivia’s new boyfriend as a cover up after he mistakenly appears in the same photo. “Antonio’s ploy with Olivia throws him into the spotlight and causes unforeseeable mayhem. “The English-language remake of the blockbuster French film “The Valet” is directed by Richard Wong and written by Rob Greenberg and Bob Fisher.

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