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The Tiger’s Apprentice Release Date Postponed, Click to know

Laurence Yep’s fantasy novel The Tiger’s Apprentice is set in the United States. The first installment of The Tiger’s Apprentice trilogy was released in 2003. This tale weaves old Chinese mythology into contemporary San Francisco reality.

The story follows Tom, a little kid who becomes the tiger Mr. Hu’s magical apprentice. Their mission, together with a ragtag group of mythological misfits, is to safeguard the ancient phoenix from Vatten and the Clan of Nine, who want to harness its powers for evil. Kindness, loyalty, duty, and bravery are all themes explored in the novel.

What could be the plot of The Tiger’s Apprentice?

The Tiger's Apprentice
Slash Film

Tom, a young Chinese American child, was raised in San Francisco by his eccentric grandmother, Mrs. Lee. He is her hesitant trainee Guardian, who is learning ancient Chinese magic in order to protect a coral rose. Monsters strike after the entrance of Mr. Hu, a tiger, and Mrs. Lee’s former apprentice.

Mrs. Lee dies while protecting Tom and the rose, leaving Mr. Hu as Tom’s and the coral rose’s guardian. Mr. Hu discloses that the coral rose is actually the phoenix, who has the power to change wicked beings into good ones, from the safety of his antique shop in Chinatown. The monster Kung Kung attempts to manipulate the phoenix to force humans to obey him in Chinese mythology.

The phoenix chose to return to his egg and await a moment of peace when his power would not be exploited, and the job of the Guardian was created to protect the phoenix when the Empress Nü Kua beat Kung Kung.

However, Vatten, Kung Kung’s henchman, and the Clan of Nine (called after Vatten’s shape as a nine-headed serpent) have followed the Chinese Guardians to America, and the phoenix will require the protection of both Mr. Hu and Tom.

Tom, on the other hand, is hesitant to take on the job of apprentice Guardian. Mr. Hu leads Tom to Goblin Square, a secret marketplace for San Francisco’s magical residents. They run into Mistral, Mr. Hu’s old acquaintance.

Mistral is a Chinese Dragon that has been exiled from her ocean home due to her opposition to the Dragon King. Mistral agrees to give up her position as a bodyguard to assist Mr. Hu in protecting the phoenix.

Cast Members 

The Tiger's Apprentice
Slash Film

Tom Lee is a Guardian apprentice and a young Chinese American.Mrs. Lee: Tom’s grandma and guardian. Mr. Hu: Tiger and Protector Exiled dragon Mistral Monkey: An immortal monkey who uses a supernatural staff to challenge Heaven.

Räv is a young Loo employee who is betrayed. Vatten: The phoenix hunting enemy leader. The Empress Nü Kua is a deity from ancient China.

The Tiger’s Apprentice Release Date

The official Twitter account for the film started in April 2022 and the release date had been pushed back to December 20, 2023.

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