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The Tiger’s Apprentice (2023): Who Will Be In It, When It Will Be Release, And Other Important Information

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The Tiger’s Apprentice (2023): Who Will Be In It, When It Will Be Release, And Other Important Information

In the latest entertainment news today you are going to get all the details about the animated film The Tiger’s Apprentice (2023).

Carlos Baena is the director of the next American computer-animated action, adventure, and family movie “The Tiger’s Apprentice” (2023).

The screenplay for the movie was written by Harry Cripps, was adapted by David Magee, and was also written by Laurence Yep (novel writer).

Paramount Pictures distributes it. The film’s producers are Jane Startz, Alex Loots, Brian Oliver, Raman Hui, Kane Lee, and Bradley J. Fischer.

An adaptation of Lawrence Yep’s best-selling children’s book titled The Tiger’s Apprentice was released by HarperCollins in 2003.

Production The Paramount, Paramount Animation, Skydance Animation, and Jane Startz Productions companies produced this movie.

What can we, however, anticipate from “The Tiger’s Apprentice”? Here is all the information you need to know about “The Tiger’s Apprentice” thus far.

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The Tiger’s Apprentice Is A 2023 Film, Plot

The Tiger's Apprentice

The protagonist of the tale is a typical youngster named Tom, who finds himself lured into this realm against his will when his odd grandmother, with whom he lives in San Francisco’s Chinatown, turns out to be the keeper of the phoenix egg.

Tom is forced to train under an odd tutor, a tiger named Mr. Hu, to study old magic and take on the role of the egg’s new guardian after his grandma is killed in battle and taken away in a ghost waggon.

They (Tom and the tiger) join forces with an odd group of exotic creatures, each of which represents a sign of the Chinese zodiac and has the ability to change into human shape while preserving its original animal traits.

Watch Cast

The Tiger's Apprentice
Gizmo Story

• Michelle Yeoh (voice)
• Sandra Oh (voice)
• Henry Golding (voice)
• Leah Lewis (voice)
• As Tom The Tiger’s Apprentice, Brandon Soo Hoo
• Bowen Yang (voice)
• Sherry Cola (voice)
• Kheng Hua Tan (voice)


This movie doesn’t have a trailer or any video clips yet. Sorry, but there are currently no trailers or video sneak peeks for the movie because it is still very early in the production cycle.

We anticipate viewing trailers up until the end of 2022 with a 2023 release date. As soon as there is any official confirmation on the trailer, we’ll update this.

Release Date

The Tiger's Apprentice

We’re going to breathe deeply now! We’ll keep our heads high! The planned animated movie “The Tiger’s Apprentice” has received an official announcement. On February 10, 2023, Paramount is scheduled to release the movie.

In Conclusion

With movies like Abominable and Disney’s upcoming Raya and the Last Dragon, Hollywood is starting to step up Asian representation in its animated films, which is wonderful (even if some of them are blatant attempts to cater to the Chinese box office).

The children’s books, which are set in contemporary San Francisco, are deeply rooted in the Chinese-American experience, in contrast to The Tiger’s Apprentice, which is heavily influenced by Chinese mythology, particularly the mythology of the Chinese Zodiac.

Despite the fact that Paramount Animation hasn’t yet scored a significant critical success (the biggest film to this young animated studio’s name is currently Sherlock Gnomes), it appears that it is making an investment in quality creative and voice talent for The Tiger’s Apprentice, especially with a former Pixar animator on board.

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