The Threat Of Nuclear War Is Real, Top Russian Official Says

The Threat Of Nuclear War Is Real, Top Russian Official Says; UN Chief Travels To Moscow To Meet With Putin

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The Threat Of Nuclear War Is Real, Top Russian Official Says


On Tuesday, the US encouraged allies to increase military backing for Ukraine, bringing the conflict between the West and the Kremlin back into the forefront after Russia warned of a “serious” threat of World War III.

As he opened a meeting of NATO defense leaders at a US airbase in Germany, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin promised to “move heaven and earth” to assist Kyiv to win the war.

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Meanwhile, officials in Poland and Bulgaria announced that Russia will stop delivering natural gas on Wednesday, the first time since Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded payment in rubles rather than dollars and euros.

Putin is claimed to have agreed “in principle” to the UN and Red Cross to assist with any evacuation of residents from a besieged steel mill in Mariupol, but more talks are expected, according to the international body.

The potential of nuclear war “should not be underestimated,” according to Moscow’s top diplomat, who also claimed that Western arms shipments were acceptable targets, accusing NATO of effectively “entering into a fight with Russia through proxies.

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“AS Ukraine’s allies hurry to deliver heavy weaponry and equipment to confront Moscow’s military push in the country’s east and south, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s recent verbal escalation highlighted the risks.

According to the United Kingdom’s defense minister, Russia’s military does not control most of the airspace over Ukraine, and the attacks it is carrying out on Mariupol are likely to be unguided freefalling bombs.

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The Threat Of Nuclear War Is Real, Top Russian Official Says

“These weapons limit Russia’s capacity to discriminate effectively while executing attacks, raising the risk of civilian casualties,” the ministry warned in a daily intelligence update.

The UK believes Ukrainian forces represent a threat to Russian aircraft, according to the statement, but the ministry did not elaborate. The United States and the United Kingdom have pledged to supply armaments to Ukraine, including antiaircraft missiles.

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According to a US Defense Department official, Russia has launched almost 1,600 missiles at Ukraine since the attack and invasion on February 24. Officials said a team from the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency arrived in Ukraine on Tuesday to examine the Chornobyl nuclear power facility and undertake repairs after Russian soldiers seized and occupied it.

On the first day of Russia’s Feb. 24 strike and invasion of Ukraine, the military seized Chornobyl, the site of the 1986 nuclear accident. They kept it for almost five weeks until pulling it back in late March.

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