The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5: Anger’s Judgment will be Release Plot and Trailer

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The Seven Deadly Sins is one of the Japanese manga series. This series was directed by Tensai Okamura, Tomakazu Tokoro. Fans are much excited to watch this series. Japan is the country of origin and Japanese is the original language of this series.

Studio Deen presented this series.
This series has received various acclaimed and positive reviews from the critics and viewers.

This series was Licensed by Netflix. TV Tokyo and BS-TX are the original network of this series. People welcomed this series very much.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5: Plot Lines

In this series, there was a character named Meliodas. Meliodas was a leader of the Seven deadly sins. He has a dragon symbol on his left shoulder. Because of some reasons, he killed his own fellow commandments and which has caused the Holy war to occur.

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Another character which has emerges in this story named Elizabeth and she was a third princess of Liones. She joins with Meliodas and she does all adventurous Journey. Further story revolves around them in an interesting manner.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5: Cast and Characters

There were so may leading voice characters in this series and some of the voice characters include Meliodas is voiced by Yuki Kaji, Elizabeth Liones is voiced by Sora Amamiya, Hawk is voiced by Misaki Kuno, Hawk’s mother is voiced by Kayo Nakajima, Elaine is voiced by Kotori Koiwai, Arthur Pendragon is voiced by Sachi Kokuryu, Cath is voiced by Aoi Yuki, Oslow is voiced by Rintaro Nishi, Veronica Liones is voiced by Hisako Kanemoto, Zaratras is voiced by Rikiya Koyama, Gilthunder is voiced by Mamoru Miyano, etc, and many other voice were characters include in the supporting role in this series. I hope all the characters will surely play their role in professional and befitting manne.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5: Release Date

The first two season was released on October 2014 and the third season was premiered on October 2019.This series had overall ratings about 8.1 out of 10 at IMDB. This is a good score. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch the five season.

The seven deadly sins season 5 will be released in January 2021. We will surely update each and every single updates. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information. It is also requested to share this video and stay tuned for more updates.

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