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The Roman Polanski rape case file has been made public after 45 years thanks to a court in Los Angeles

Today I am going to discuss Court documents in the Roman Polanski rape case ordered released. this is the latest world news update today. read the full article to know more about this case.

Roman Polanski fled the United States after pleading guilty to s*xually abusing a child in 1977, starting a legal drama that could finally come to a conclusion after an appeals court ruled Wednesday that transcripts pertaining to his criminal case must be made public.

The 2nd District Court of Appeal issued a three-page decision accepting “the concession” one day after the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office declared it was no longer opposed to unsealing the data.

In order to prosecute Polanski, 88, on allegations that he s*xually assaulted a 13-year-old girl, Roger Gunson, a retired deputy district attorney, testified against him in 2009. Polanski, the victim, and journalists have asked judges to unseal this testimony over the years.

Polanski’s lawyer, Harland Braun, has long argued that the transcripts prove Gunson understood that L.A. County Superior Court Judge Laurence Rittenband only wanted Polanski to spend a 90-day evaluation in state prison following his guilty plea to raping Samantha Geimer, 13, and not longer.

At the time, Polanski’s case was being presided over by Rittenband, who stated that the evaluation period would assist him in making a just sentence determination.

When 42 days, the director was ultimately released after jail officials determined that he did not require any further time in captivity.
Rittenband chose to defy that advice in the face of intense public pressure and reincarcerate Polanski for a further 48 days. Polanski, however, escaped to France, where he is a citizen. Polanski has never visited the United States again since the French government refused to deport him.

The records, according to Braun, will demonstrate that Polanski has completed his sentence and is no longer subject to further punishment for the initial crime or for eluding prosecution.

Geimer claimed the then-43-year-old director brought her to actor Jack Nicholson’s home for a photo shoot, served her alcohol and drugs, and then forced himself on her. Geimer has repeatedly asked for the records to be made public and for the case against Polanski to be dropped. At the moment, Nicholson wasn’t at home.

When the transcripts would be made public could not be immediately determined. Polanski might still be sentenced to two more years in prison if he were to return to the United States and was accused of eluding justice. However, it is still unknown whether Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón will bring such charges.

Polanski is also suspected of assaulting several additional little females s*xually

Roman Polanski

In at least one of those cases, the statute of limitations had already run, thus L.A. County attorneys made the decision not to press charges.
In a statement, Gascón stated, “We are delighted that the appellate court agreed with Ms. Geimer and our office regarding the necessity for transparency.”

This choice was a prompt step in the direction of keeping our commitment to the truth. We hope that it will give the victim some reassurance that the case is proceeding toward a resolution that will provide her some closure in this protracted legal battle.

Gascón and his predecessors had opposed the proposal up until this week when Gascón stated in a brief with the appeals court that he wanted Gunson’s testimony to be made public.

Reporters Sam Wasson and Bill Rempel submitted a move to unseal the records earlier this year. The motion was rejected by the district attorney’s office.

“The actions of Roman Polanski were not at issue in this case. They dealt with the limitations on the D.A. and Court’s ability to seal that information, the First Amendment right of the public and press to know what judges and prosecutors do in our courts, and “John Washington, a lawyer who represented Wasson and Rempel, said.

Polanski was “ecstatic” when he learned of the court’s decision, according to Braun.

Braun stated that he intends to submit a motion to have Polanski sentenced to time served once he has access to the transcripts. After that, according to Braun, the Oscar-winning director might be able to set foot again on American land.

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