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The Return To The Moon 2021 National Geographic: Update

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The Return To The Moon 2021 National Geographic National Geographic has announced a new series that will follow NASA’s efforts to send the first man and woman to the moon. Lightbox co-founders Simon Chinn (Man on Wire, Searching for Sugar Man) and Jonathan Chinn (American High, Whitney), as well as Emmy-nominated producer Suzanne Lavery, executive, produce the series (Cajun Navy, The Traffickers).

Jerry Rothwell (How to Change the World and The Reason I Jump), a Sundance Award-winning filmmaker, will direct the series. The new show, suitably dubbed “Return To The Moon,” will follow NASA astronauts, engineers, and scientists as they work on the Artemis programme of the space agency.

The Return To The Moon 2021 National Geographic: Update

The Artemis programme, named after the Greek goddess of the moon and twin sister to Apollo, the name of NASA’s first mission to the moon more than 50 years ago.with the ultimate goal of establishing a permanent lunar base and then aiming for trips to Mars.

There were no women in the US space programme fifty years ago, when Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins walked on the moon. Women already make up 16 of NASA’s 47 astronauts, and the space agency wants to send at least one of them to the moon in 2024.NASA named the 18 Artemis astronauts who would be preparing for visits to the moon on Wednesday.

The Return To The Moon 2021 National Geographic: Update

There are nine of them who are female. According to the statement, “Return To The Moon” will follow the Artemis mission from Artemis 1’s orbit of the moon in 2021 to Artemis 2’s crewed trip around the moon to Artemis 3’s lunar landings and return to Earth. “I believe that by following the journey of the first woman to walk on the moon, more than 50 years after the first Apollo landing, this series will encourage a new generation of young people to dream without boundaries,” Rothwell said. We’re looking forward to the Artemis Generation.

“The Artemis missions aim to create a sustainable presence on the moon by the end of the decade, laying the basis for humanity’s next major leap: sending men to Mars, by using breakthrough technologies to explore more lunar surface than ever before.

The showrunners intend to provide viewers with not only the events leading up to launch but also a glimpse into the astronauts’ personal lives through possible interviews with their loved ones. “As the world’s spotlight shines on this pioneering initiative, our attention will be on the intimate and often high stakes emotional moments that no one else will capture,” Simon and Jonathan Chinn, producers of “Return To The Moon,” stated in a statement released by NatGeo. For more information just stay tuned.

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