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The Philippines Votes In The Presidential Election, With The Eyes Of The Marcos Family Returning To Power

The Philippines Votes In The Presidential Election, With The Eyes Of The Marcos Family Returning To Power

Millions of Filipinos are heading to the polls to vote for a new president in a race pitting the son of the country’s former dictator against a liberal human rights lawyer. Voting began at 22:00 GMT on Sunday across the Southeast Asian nation, with a record-breaking 67 million people anticipated to vote.

According to polls, Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr, the son and namesake of the Philippines’ late dictator is expected to win the hotly contested election against incumbent Vice President Leni Robredo. Marcos and Robredo had previously competed in the vice presidential election in 2016, with Marcos losing to Robredo.

Marcos Jr. Is The Son And Namesake Of Ferdinand Marcos, The Dictator Who Ruled the Philippines Until A Popular Rebellion In 1986 Forced Him Into Exile.

Robredo is a human rights lawyer and a liberal senator who has led initiatives in the country to combat drug violence and gender inequality. According to some estimates,

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drug-related violence in the country has killed at least 30,000 people, prompting an investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC). Marcos Jr’s certain triumph would return the Macros dynasty to power after a 36-year hiatus.

His running mate is Sara Duterte, the daughter of populist President Rodrigo Duterte, who is running for Vice President. According to a recent poll conducted by Pulse Asia, he is the favorite candidate of 56 percent of respondents. Robredo, on the other side, has the support of 23% of the voters.

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The Philippines Votes In The Presidential Election

On Sunday, Elections Commissioner George Garcia Told Reporters That He Anticipates A Large Voter Participation In The Election.

“It’s a historic election, a very memorable one,” he was quoted as saying before the polls opened. “We’d be electing, at least in a pandemic situation, a new president, and that’s why we’re expecting a high turnout of voters.”

Analysts have labeled this year’s election as the most important in the country’s recent history, as it might result in democratic backsliding or liberal changes.

Violence Is Involved In Voting.

Three individuals were slain in a violent shooting incident in the restive Maguindanao province in the southern Philippines on Monday, marring the voting process.

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At around 2325 GMT, gunmen in two vans opened fire on peacekeepers helping the voting process in Buluan municipality on Mindanao Island, according to the country’s military.

According to reports, the victims were supporters of a local politician running for Mayor. On Monday morning, the Commission on Elections reported another shooting incident in Sumisip, Basilan province.

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There were no injuries reported in the incident. Five explosives exploded outside a voting centre in Datu Unsay municipality late Sunday, injuring at least nine persons, according to authorities.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the wave of attacks in the “hot spots.” According to analysts, elections in the Philippines have historically been a tumultuous time due to lax firearms restrictions and a violent political culture.

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