The Oneplus Nord 2 X Pac-Man Edition Is Now Available In India!!

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Oneplus Nord 2 X Pac-Man Updates: According to OnePlus, the new PAC-MAN Edition of the provides a “gamified” software experience that will appeal to not just PAC-MAN fanatics,  but also average consumers looking for something unique.

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The OnePlus Nord 2 x is the company’s limited-edition device for 2021. Following weeks of speculation, the business has officially unveiled details about the all-new Edition device, which was created in collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. As is customary with OnePlus, the new limited edition model incorporates some deeper features of what it represents. The Nord 2 program, for example, combines aspects from the iconic game PAC-Man into the user interface in the PAC-Man version.

Aside from announcing the phone’s release, OnePlus recently announced that fans can enter a contest to win a free OnePlus Nord 2 x Edition by entering the PAC-MAN contest on its website.


Oneplus Nord 2 X Pac-Man

As a company, OnePlus is recognized for releasing limited edition products. The OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers Limited Edition, which was created in collaboration with Disney in 2018, was the first special edition device. In the same year, in collaboration with McLaren, the business released the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. In 2019, OnePlus released the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition, which was developed in collaboration with McLaren once again. The OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Edition was released in China last year. The OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition is set to be released in 2021 in collaboration with Bandai Namco.But first, consider how the new OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition differs from the original Nord 2.

What’s Different About The Oneplus Nord 2 X Pac-Man Edition?

The Nord 2 x Edition, like other OnePlus special edition devices, comes with enough extras to make it stand out both in terms of software and physical appeal.

The new Nord 2 has a revised back panel that has a dual-film with phosphorescent ink attached to the innermost layer, allowing the device to shine in the dark, according to OnePlus.

The Nord 2 x has a glow-in-the-dark maze based on the popular game. For OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition customers, that will undoubtedly stand out.

Aside from the back panel, OnePlus has tweaked the OxygenOS UI with PAC-MAN elements. The phone comes with games, challenges, and some special (and, of course, hidden) PAC-MAN material that users must discover.

The Nord 2 x PAC-, with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, will be available in India for Rs 37,999.

OnePlus has previously announced a competition in which contestants could win a PAC-MAN-themed phone. Three OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC Edition handsets, as well as a complimentary pair of OnePlus Buds Z valued at Rs 2,999, were being given away by the firm.

OnePlus was giving away many early access codes for prospective consumers, in addition to free phones and OnePlus Buds Z. The PAC-MAN gaming contest is open to people from Europe and India.The competition has come to a close. However, the winners will be announced on the OnePlus community forum in the near future.

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