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The Knight Witch Expected Launch Date, Gameplay, Characters, and More

The Knight Witch Updates:  Nippon Ichi Software developed and released The Witch and the Hundred Knight, an action role-playing video game, exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in 2013. The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival, a PlayStation 4 enhanced port, was released in early 2016.

Metallia, a strong swamp witch, summons the mythical Hundred Knight in order to destroy her rival, the Forest Witch Malia, and cover the earth in swamp mud. Critics gave the game a mixed response, praising the unique tale but criticizing the gameplay and technical flaws, including a game-breaking bug.

The Knight Witch Gameplay

The Knight Witch

The Witch and the Hundred Knight is a top-down isometric action roleplaying game. The Hundred Knight, the player character, can carry up to five weapons and cycle through them to generate combos. The player can also wear various “facets” that vary their appearance as well as their stats and weapon abilities.

The player will acquire access to special abilities and powers as the game goes, which will aid them in a fight and increase the bonus gauge, which will lead to bigger rewards after finishing a stage. The game’s universe is linear, with new stages appearing one after the other.

The player can, however, return to prior stages to discover additional locations and goods. Metallia’s house in Nimbleness Swamp is the character’s main base of operations, where he can save his game and access a basic merchant. If a player activates a Pillar in the field, he can warp back to base and restart the level at that Pillar when he returns.

If the player is killed while exploring, he must return to Metallia’s house and surrender whatever goods he obtained during his journey. The player can raid NPC towns for stuff, but doing so raises the player’s “karma,” which might cause NPCs to attack the player on sight if it rises too high.

The player can use Metallia’s Bucket List to lessen Karma and unlock new powers by collecting Anima from vanquished adversaries. The player spends Giga Calories, or Gcals while exploring the world, killing opponents, and employing special powers.

When a player runs out of Gcals, his health quickly and steadily depletes until he is knocked out. In a short [quick time event], the player can regain Gcals by eating food items or devouring weakened adversaries.

This causes “trash” to accumulate in the Hundred Knight’s stomach, which must be purged using specific tools. The PS4 port version of Revival enhances graphics and adds a new Metallia-playable mode.


The Knight Witch

The Witch and the Hundred Knight began development in April 2010, and while it was intended to be finished in one or one and a half years, the game was delayed due to numerous challenges. NIS stated that they did not want the game’s graphics or visuals to be inferior to those of other games.

Early on in production, there was talk of making it an open-world game, but NIS elected to focus on the 3D graphics technology instead. The open environment was deleted as the development team focused on the action portion of the game and minimizing load times.

Launch Date

In 2022, The Knight Witch will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.



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