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The Hollywood Covid-19 Guidelines have been extended till September 30

I’m going to write a world news update about the Hollywood film industry today and the Covid-19 Guidelines.

Hollywood’s unions approved a deal today to extend the Covid-19 regulations for the film and television industry beyond September in the midst of the recent upswing. According to a source acquainted with the deal, “It is a simple renewal through September 30, 2022, with two minor adjustments to transportation van capacity and food service.”

According to a contract between the AMPTP and the unions representing Hollywood, including the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, the Teamsters, and the Basic Crafts, this is the ninth time the guidelines have been extended or changed since they were first enacted on September 21, 2020.

The DGA claimed in a statement posted on its website that “The Agreement keeps in place the workplace norms and protections that have allowed for a sustained and successful return to work while at the same time offering flexibility to tackle the shifting nature of the virus.”

“Due to the recent increase in business, all significant production facilities are currently implementing the more stringent processes in Part 1 of the Agreement. The Agreement gives productions the freedom to flex their creative muscles when circumstances change, including the possibility to loosen up rules in regions with low Covid-19 hospital admission rates.

For the First Time, a Heavily Mutated Omicron BA.2.75 from India Was Found in Los Angeles County.

According to the Revised Regulations, Van Capacity is as follows:

“Transportation provided by the Producer may operate at maximum capacity. Cast and crew are required to wear face masks at all times when traveling. Passengers must adhere to physical restraints if any vehicle contains a passenger who is not wearing a face mask, such as a cast member who has applied makeup.

The most recent revisions to the policy on food service state that “self-serve food service that requires employees to share utensils, such as serving spoons or tongs, will not be allowed to serve meals to workers who have not received all of their vaccinations.

Any duties to serve a meal to employees under the collective bargaining agreements are satisfied by adhering to the aforementioned.

The provision of a hot supper to workers is not mandatory for producers.

All previous guidelines continue to be applicable. Here are the Covid 19 Protocols

Covid 19

The Warner Bros. Covid-19 Outbreak is one of the largest in the county right now.

After an early industry-wide lockdown due to the pandemic, the protocols allowed for a recovery in employment and production. They were extended without major changes and included all of the original agreement’s clauses, including strictly enforced testing procedures, physical distancing, Covid compliance officers, careful use of personal protective equipment, and a “Zone” system to make sure that different parts of productions are strictly controlled based on proximity to cast, who frequently can’t wear masks or maintain social distancing.

On June 30, 2021, they were once more extended, and three weeks later, they underwent a change that gave producers the choice, on a production-by-production basis, to enforce mandatory vaccination procedures for cast and crew in Zone A.

Zone A, where unmasked actors operate, is the strictest safe work zone on a set. On November 11 and January 24 and February 16 and April 29 and May 6, they were once again extended.

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