The Habit 2021 Movie-Plot, Cast & Release Date Update

The Habit 2021 Movie Introduction: Janell Shirt cliff’s directorial debut, Habit, is a forthcoming American drama film based on a script by Shirt cliff and Libby Mintz.

Gavin Rossdale, Libby Mintz, Andreja Peji, Ione Skye, Jamie Hince, Alison Moss hart, Paris Jackson, and Josie Ho feature in the film. Lion’s gate is planning to release it on August 20, 2021.

The Habit 2021 Movie Plot:

When they run into a violent drug lord, the party disguises themselves as nuns and hides. A street smart party girl becomes entangled in the violent drug trade and discovers a way out by impersonating a nun. “I’ve always had a taste for danger.” Lions gate has released a new trailer for Habit, a dark, edgy thriller comedy that marks Janell Shirt cliff’s feature directorial debut.

This film came out of nowhere, not screening at any festivals or any place else prior to its August release this year. It appears to be a very Los Angeles film, made by Los Angeles residents for Los Angeles residents.

A street smart party girl gets caught up in a violent drug deal and discovers a way out by dressing up as a Nun with her other BFFs to flee a drug lord in Los Angeles. This (clearly) looks wild and insane, and it’ll be forgotten quickly, like so many other mediocre crime thrillers these days. The storyline is just mind-blowing.

The Habit 2021 Movie Casts:

Libby Mintz and Janell Shirt cliff wrote the screenplay. PangChun Chan, Josie Ho, Damon Lawner, Donovan Leitch Jr., Libby Mintz, Chris Mung, and Michael Suppes all contributed to the film’s production.

In early 2020, Bella Thorne, Gavin Rossdale, Jamie Hince, Soko, Jamie Hince, and Alison Mosshart joined the cast, with Janell Shirt cliff directing from a script by Suki Kaiser based on a narrative by Shirt cliff and Libby Mintz, with Thorne serving as an executive producer. By April 2020, the film’s cast had expanded to include Josie Ho, Paris Jackson, Andreja Pejic, Bria Vinaite, and Libby Mintz. These are some main important characters who played their role best in this movie. These casts are going to entertain us much with a lot of fun, interesting and thrilling.

Release Date:

As far as we’re aware, this hasn’t been shown at any festivals or elsewhere. Habit will be released on August 20th in select cinemas + on VOD, followed by August 24th on DVD. This movie is going to be more thrilling, entertaining, and interesting. Just watch out for more interesting updates stay tuned.

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