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The Galatic Junkers Launch Date, and All New Updates

The Galatic Junkers Updates: Realize your dream of becoming a space captain. There are only a few issues: your spacecraft needs work, someone wants to kill you, and your crew is stupid. In the hilarious space warfare adventure game The Galactic Junkers, look for your riches and the truth.

What this game is about.

It can be challenging to be the captain of a spaceship, particularly if you have a bounty on your head. You are being sought by bounty hunters, space pirates, and even the Galactic Union. Your wits, your crew, and your dependable ship are all that stand between you and oblivion.

A space captain on the run is what you play as in the comedy action-adventure game The Galactic Junkers. Even though your crew isn’t the best and your ship is in disrepair, with a little luck, you can keep things running well. Upgrade your spacecraft, add a new crew, smuggle supplies and tools, and keep looking for the reason why everyone is trying to have you killed.

The Great Cataclysm in the distant future devastated Earth and spread humanity throughout the Solar System. We have become nomads who scavenge for food on decaying space stations and barely livable asteroids in order to survive.

Though humanity has given up, a few brave space captains are still searching for a better future for us. You are one of them, creating an adventurous life for yourself and your crew. With a ship in poor repair, a computer that is moody, and a full supply of Space Munch, what could possibly go wrong?

The Galatic Junkers Explore

The Galatic Junkers

Explore the nine planets and the areas around them as you travel across the solar system. Learn about dangerous pirates, creaky space stations, intriguing asteroids, and much more.

Mine, Salvage, Steal, and More

There are always costs to pay, and managing a starship is never simple. By mining asteroids, reclaiming abandoned properties, and engaging in shady business, you can keep the appearance of your bank account in good shape. You might even engage in a small amount of theft, but don’t worry—we won’t let on.

Conflict and Board Opposing Ships

You will have to battle for your life since space is a dangerous place. Set your crew in charge of the weapons and prove your mettle to those bothersome pirates! Obtain crucial supplies by breaking into enemy spacecraft, or hacking systems covertly.

Buy, Repair, and Upgrade Ships

Perhaps your engine needs a bit more power or your weapons aren’t quite up to par. To take over the sector and establish your reputation, upgrade your ship. You might even exchange your ship for a more advanced model if you’d want something a little finer. Just be sure to remember your maintenance schedules!

At All Costs, Protect Yourself and Your Ship

Avoid being shot, captured, or rendered helpless in any other way. We’re depending on you to learn the truth about the death threat against you and determine whether there is a greater purpose for you to fulfill.  Don’t get your exhaust ports blown off while you explore strange new worlds, meet strange new people, sample exotic food, or boldly fumble were no space captain has ever fumbled before!

Release Date

This game will be expected to be released on 30, June 2022.

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