The Dungeon of Black Company Ep-6: Update On Release Date & Much More

Yhei Yasumura’s manga series The Dungeon of Black Company Ep-6 is set in Japan. The Dungeon of Black Company will launch in the second week of July, alongside the anime. Let’s have a peek at the anime’s summary before we watch the first episode. Because of his financial mismanagement, he is teleported to a fantasy realm. Kinji struggled in the new environment, and he was unaccustomed to life in general because he lives in luxury in the actual world. He eventually finds himself working for a mining firm that mistreats its employees while extracting crystals from a dungeon.

The Plot Of The Dungeon of Black Company Ep-6

When a portal transfers him to a fantasy world, he swiftly finds himself imprisoned in a mining business harvesting crystals from a dungeon. Kinji, desperate for a way out of his newfound destitution, attempts to reclaim financial security by whatever means necessary, amassing an unconventional adventuring group in the process – the titular black company.

Rim is a terrifying dragon with the ability to morph into a young girl. Kinji recognizes Rim’s helpfulness and offers her food in exchange for her assistance. Kinji takes advantage of Rim’s fondness for food. Rim seems to be a young girl with pink hair and two horns in her human form.

The Dungeon of Black Company Ep-6

Rim’s body was coated in scales, and she became a bipedal dragon as she transformed into a dragon. She prefers eating to everything else and is willing to eat anything. Kinji and Wanibe run into Rim in her dragon form while traveling to the bottom floor, but they quickly hide before she notices them.

The Cast Of The Dungeon of Black Company Ep-6

Katsuyuki Konishi is the voice of Kinji Ninomiya. Christopher Escalante, the protagonist, is a human who, despite frequent backfiring, will use any means to advance in the mining company’s ranks. Rim, voiced by Misaki Kuno. Katelyn Barr was a powerful demon who turned into a teenage girl and joined Kinji when he told her she would be able to eat human cuisine. Wanibe, Voiced by: Hiro Shimono.

Stephen Sanders, A crocodilian demihuman and one of Kinji’s co-workers. Belza, Voiced by: Satomi Sat, Sarah Roach, A demon and the mine’s dungeon master/supervisor. Boss Goblin, Voiced by: Wataru Takagi, Jim Foronda, Shia, Voiced by: Megumi Tod.

Release Date & Other Update 

Episode 6 of The Dungeon of Black Company is set to be released on August 13, 2021. As a result, the countdown is only 11 days long. Yes! There are just 11 days before the release of The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 6! Stay tuned for further information.