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The Diofield Chronicle Game What We Know So Far?

The Diofield Chronicle Game Introduction: Square Enix and Lancarse are both working on the development of “The DioField Chronicle.”

You can be sure that Lancarse is no stranger to RPGs because the studio has worked on a number of projects in the past, such as the first two “Etrian Odyssey” games, “Monark,” “Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux,” and “Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth” (via Giant Bomb).

When the game was first revealed, a tonne of material was made public, which did a great job of preparing everyone who was interested in playing it.

When the game will be released is the most frequently asked question, and many people also wonder what the game will be like.

The Diofield Chronicle Game Gameplay:

The Diofeild Chronicle
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The roleplaying game “The DioField Chronicle” is unique. RealTime Tactical Battle, or RTTB, is described as “the birth of a new SRPG” on the game’s website.

Your strategy should take into account a variety of factors, including battlefield circumstances that are unusual in RPG combat. A foreign Empire is attempting to conquer the Kingdom of Alletain, where the game is set.

The gameplay will seem very familiar if you’ve played top-down strategy games before. Being successful on the battlefield while controlling unusual units is the aim.

The game’s trailer demonstrated some intriguing gameplay concepts, such as inventive approaches to eliminating hordes of foes and more combat-like activities as opposed to just instructing units to engage a certain foe as is the case in most SRPGs.

Of course, there is a complicated tale running concurrently with the strategic gameplay, in classic Square Enix RPG flair. In reality, the game’s website features eight characters with biographies that provide more context for the narrative.


The Diofeild Chronicle

A trailer for “The DioField Chronicle” that showcased some of the game’s outstanding features served as the announcement. The game’s aesthetics were among the nicest things the trailer displayed.

Many RPGs, particularly those by Square Enix, have 2D art, especially when it comes to the characters. This tendency is undoubtedly continued in “The DioField Chronicles,” but there is a catch.

The game also has breathtaking 3D graphics in the cutscenes that distinguish it from many other titles from the publisher that were published around the same time, such as “Triangle Strategy.”

Expected Release Date

The announcement for “The DioField Chronicle” contained a lot of information, but it omitted the precise release date.

But according to the game’s website, it will be released in 2022, and Square Enix has certain details that can assist pinpoint a release date.







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