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The Chhattisgarh Government Has Approved A Policy For Electric Vehicles That Aims To Create Jobs

The goal of the policy is for battery electric vehicles to be quickly adopted and makeup 15% of all new vehicle registrations by 2027.


• The state has made SGST reimbursement available to EV maker.
• The state government will provide funding to advance EV manufacturing.
• To build an EV park, 500–1,000 acres of land will be allocated.

The policy for electric vehicles (EVs), which aims to grow Chhattisgarh as a manufacturing centre, safeguard the environment, and generate job opportunities, was adopted by the state government on Thursday.
According to an official, the programme that includes waivers for road taxes and registration fees will promote the use of EVs and provide help to those who are most affected by rising gasoline prices.
At a cabinet meeting that was presided over by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel at his official residence here, the Chhattisgarh EV Policy 2022 was approved, he added.

“In the upcoming years, Chhattisgarh will develop into a centre for producing electric vehicles and their accessories. The policy will give young people countless job options.
The decision will also help customers who buy electric vehicles, the companies that make them, and those working in the industry’s research and development, according to a release from Baghel.
According to the statement, the policy intends to safeguard a healthy environment for citizens to enjoy a sustainable future, minimise carbon footprint, as well as address escalating concerns about the rapidly rising hazardous gas emissions from vehicles.

The Policy Will Stimulate The Use Of Both Commercial And Noncommercial Automobiles, It Said:

According to the strategy, the government has a five-year goal and hopes to register 15% of all new vehicles, whether for personal or business usage, as electric vehicles by 2027.
On the sale of EVs registered in the state within the policy period, the state government has declared a remission of the registration fees.
Additionally, it was declared that all EVs purchased within the first two years of the start of this programme will be completely exempt from paying road taxes.

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the chhattisgarh government has approved a policy for electric vehicles

The announcement stated that after two years, EVs acquired in the following two years will receive a 50 percent road tax exemption, and after five years, a 25 percent rebate.

The State Government Will Contribute 25% Of The Cost Of Plant And Equipment In Order To Advance The Production Of Electric Vehicles:

It announced that it would allocate 500–1,000 acres of land to create an EV park in order to draw in manufacturers.
The first 300 fast charging stations to be installed in the state will receive a capital subsidy of 25% from the state government, up to a maximum of Rs. 10 lakh per station, according to the statement.
According to the statement, the state has set aside SGST reimbursement for EV manufacturers in the state over the policy period (until 2027).

The government would also fully refund energy operators for the SGST paid when they purchased the batteries that will be utilised for switching/Electric buses and electric freight trucks sold and registered in the state would receive a 100 percent SGST reimbursement, according to the statement.
According to the statement, charging stations will be installed in public and private buildings.

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