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The Brothers Sun on Netflix Plot, Cast, and All the Other Information

The Brothers Sun on Netflix Plot, Cast, and All the Other Information

In the latest entertainment news today you are going to get all the details about the film The Brothers Sun.

Michelle Yeon has joined the stellar cast of Brothers Sun, a new Taipei gangster drama on Netflix. Everything we know about the series is included below.

The Brothers Sun, a Netflix original that was first put into production back in February, has a lot of potential both in terms of its premise and its cast of actors.

The Brothers Sun is shaping up to be an intriguing and unique drama thanks to its prominent cast, culturally significant content, and eight-episode order.

With its engaging storyline and a top-notch cast, the series will transcend borders and cultural divides. The Brothers Sun centres on the Sun crime family, which, following a grave tragedy, is split between Taipei and Los Angeles.

The series promises to be a thorough examination of distance-resistant ties that transcend cultural and familial boundaries.

The Plot of The Brothers Sun

The Brothers Sun
Bleeding Cool

Los Angeles and Taiwan are the locations for The Brothers Sun. It follows Taipei criminal Charles Sun, the first Sun brother, as he makes his way to Los Angeles in order to protect his mother Eileen (Michelle Yeoh), affectionately known as “Mama,” and his defenceless brother Bruce (Sam Song Li).

Bruce Sun lives in Los Angeles with his mother and has no notion that his family is a violent mafia family, whilst Charles Sun is a seasoned mobster in his own country working for his mob-head father.

Charles must leave Taipei when the Suns’ father is fatally slain in Los Angeles by an unidentified assailant in order to defend his mother from the new threat to the family and meet with his estranged younger brother.

The latter lives a life free of crime and violence. The trio is either knowingly or unknowingly a part of a cunning Taipei crime family.

They are not afraid to take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety and the survival of their family, especially Mama Sun.

The Taipei residence of the family’s half is what fuels the criminal heritage of the clan. The other half has relocated to Los Angeles in search of a safer way of life.

Between these two utterly dissimilar brothers, we may anticipate a vast contradiction and thrilling tension. Charles is hardly aware of Bruce’s more relaxed, safer life in Los Angeles, while Bruce knows very little about his family’s life of crime in Taipei.

Whatever the series’ events turn out to be, these two brothers will need to come together and mend the rift between the two sections of the family by crossing metaphorical oceans.

The Cast and Crew

The Brothers Sun
Bleeding Cool

The Brothers Sun stars Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien from The Resort, Sam Song Li from Better Call Saul on AMC, Highdee Kuan from This is Us and Joon Lee from Dating.

Mama Sun and the brother’s Bruce and Charles will be portrayed by Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien, and Sam Song Li as the main Sun family.

Highdee Kuan will portray a diligent and morally upright district attorney who becomes involved in the affairs of the Sun family, while Joon Lee will portray Bruce’s closest friend, TK. Although TK has a nasty nature and a desire to improve, he is a hopeful gangster.

Michelle Yeoh is well-known for roles in films like Star Trek and Crazy Rich Asians, but recently, she has been in a lot of television and film roles, and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Everything Everywhere All at Once, Minions: The Rise of Gru, Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank, The School for Good and Evil, and Avatar: The Way of Water are just a few of the actor’s remarkable 2022 releases.

Actors Johnny Kou (The Wonderful Wedding), Alice Jewkin (Emily in Paris), Jon Xue Zhang (The Gentlemen), comedian Jenny Yang, Madison Hu (Voyagers), and Rodney To will also make repeat or regular appearances (NCIS).

In addition to having an entirely Asian cast, the programme is excitingly being created by an entirely Asian writers’ room.

The show’s creator and executive producer will be Brad Falchuk of the Brad Falchuk Teley-Vision label, which has the key Netflix agreement. Wu’s current biggest endeavour is a television series.

Release Date

The Brothers Sun

The series is scheduled for release in 2023, with production likely to begin later this year.

The Brothers Sun will be a compelling television series that holds out a lot of promise for high-stakes drama and interpersonal turmoil. When this Netflix series debuts next year, viewers can’t wait to see what Byron Wu and Brad Falchuk have in store!

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