The Bachelorette’s: Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Officially Engaged

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CLARE CRAWLEY AND DALE MOSS that Clare Crawley who is the now-former Bachelorette ended her tenure after an engagement with Dale Moss. We can also name it a cute engagement. Clare Crawley’s journey has been unconventional but in the end or we can say that in two weeks she got a happy ending and that must be the best part of her life. This would happen on Thursday, 5th of November one of the episode of The Bachelorette, we heard that 39 years old hairdresser got engaged to Dale Moss.

He was then explained that his love for her is like he was first stepped out of the Limo that was really a special one and he knows without the shadow of a doubt that you would go to the end of the world for me and that he was never had that.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Proposal

Dale has dropped a knee propose to Clare and she was accepted and gave him the final Rose back.  He proposed in a very good manner that he thought a lot about his mother and also she would think about him also she will love his mother.


She only needs unconditional love from him no matter what  And he knows that and he also falls in love with her. After this proposal, Crawley and Dale Moss were permitted to leave from their resort quarantine fizz and making their way to Tayshia Adams administration.


His words were also really attractive to listen to that he said that when he meets Crawley he felt love and like that’s what he came here for.  He didn’t afraid to say those words to her.

His heart had gone to fight with that love and he was dying to express her feelings with her without wasting any moment of time. That is the right way to face her with love and then he proposed with the right choice.  They also shared all their experience and also losing a parent.

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