The Bachelorettes: Are Katie And Greg Grippo Still Together?

The Bachelorettes 17th season has been on the air from June 7, 2021. Katie Thurston, a 30-year-old bank marketing manager from Lynnwood, Washington, stars in the current season, which has received a lot of praise. On the 25th season of The Bachelor, she was the 11th inline, with Matt James in the lead.

Thurston was to receive her own season on The Bachelorette after finishing eleventh and making an impression on the producers as well as the viewers. It was only a matter of time (on March 15, 2021) before Emmanuel Acho proclaimed her as the Bachelorette during the 25th season of The Bachelors After the Final Rose special.

Regular viewers of The Bachelorettes Season 17 may recall that Greg Grippo and Katie Thurston captured the hearts of the audience and Katie Thurston in earlier episodes. It’s him who supporters can count on and who they believe deserves Katie Thurston. As a result, speculations are at an all-time high, and fans have a variety of beliefs about what will happen in the finale episode, which will air next week. Before we move on, it’s worth noting that another notable participant in the current season is Andrew Spencer, the cousin of season 14 contestant Clay Harbor.

The Bachelorettes: Is Katie And Greg Grippo Still Together?

The Bachelorettes

With the season 17 finale of The Bachelorette set to air shortly, viewers can barely hold their cool when it comes to Kate and Greg Grippo, their favorite reality TV couple. That will be explored further down, but first, here is a sneak peek at the season finale that you must see. Returning to the original question, Katie was seen visiting with Greg’s family in the prior episode. The adoring couple told the elders how much they adore each other face to face.

Furthermore, when asked how much he liked his present love partner, Greg stated that he felt joyful whenever he was near or about her. At the same time, he expressed some reservations about their relationship.

He expressed his satisfaction and disbelief with the current situation by saying that he was afraid Katie would break his heart in the end. Greg Grippo’s fears were misinterpreted as an indication of relationship insecurity or uncertainty. Another worry was that Greg Grippo would leave the show soon, and what that would mean for the relationship. The Bachelorette Season 17 episodes have primarily focused on Katie’s grievances and why Greg Grippo, who had pledged to win the show with her, was preparing to leave soon.

Greg, too, has his share of issues, including why Katie was pursuing other relationships at all. Katie said in a recent episode that she didn’t want Greg to leave the show early because she was afraid he would want to. One of her greatest fears is that he will want to go. She mentioned how she had noticed how he behaved during the numerous group dates.

It frightens her, and all she wants is for him to be more confident in what they have. He went on to remark that if it wasn’t real, it wasn’t real at all. With all of that drama, it’ll be up to the final episode to determine if the two will end up together or not.