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Texas Migrant Deaths: Truck Driver Unaware Air Conditioner Had Stopped Working!!!


Texas Migrant Deaths Updates: Texas migrants killed: “truck driver wasn’t aware the air conditioner had failed” Court documents state that the putative driver of the truck in which 53 migrants died of heat stroke in Texas was not aware that the air conditioner had malfunctioned. According to authorities, Homero Zamorano, 45, was found Monday hiding close to the truck. According to authorities, Homero Zamorano, 45, was found Monday hiding close to the truck. One of the four suspects is him. Christian Martnez, 28, the suspected conspirator, and Mr. Zamorano are said to have texted before and after the truck was found. The incident involved human trafficking and was the bloodiest in US history.

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Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador all contributed casualties. In the brush, Mr. Zamorano was discovered. Officials in Mexico claim that he originally made an effort to pass himself off as one of the survivors. His arrest was made possible by security footage showing him operating the truck past a US Border Patrol checkpoint in Laredo, Texas. According to federal court documents, a confidential government informant who worked for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Texas police reportedly told authorities that Mr. Zamorano and Mr. Martnez had spoken after the murders were videotaped. “The driver was unaware that the air conditioning unit broke and was the reason the passengers perished,” claims Mr. Martnez.The documents state that when the informant and Mr. Martnez spoke, they were only a few metres away. Both people will be executed if they are found guilty of the conspiracy and smuggling crimes. Two further men, Francisco D’LunaBilbao and Juan Claudio D’LunaMéndez, who are reportedly involved, have been accused with illegally entering the US and having firearms. They are both of Mexican descent. Among the victims are 27 Mexican citizens, 14 Hondurans, 7 Guatemalans, and 2 Salvadorans. However, while San Antonio prosecutors assert that there were 64 migrants inside the vehicle, Mexican police assert that there were actually 67 migrants inside. According to the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office, six of the 53 victims from the incident on Monday had been “conclusively identified” as of Friday.

Texas Migrant Deaths

There have also been 42 “possible identifications.” Five are yet unknown. Also on Friday, the Bexar County Sheriff’s office started an investigation into an 18wheel truck that was discovered in a residential area just a few miles north of the first vehicle. The truck appeared to have been abandoned. According to authorities, the most recent truck contained about 13 migrants. The sheriff’s office announced on Facebook that “preliminarily, it appears no folks have sustained any significant injuries” and promised to provide additional information as soon as it was available.

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