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Taron Egerton Met Marvel Kevin Feige, Wants To Play Wolverine In The MCU: Latest Updates!!!


  • Egerton remained silent over his alleged meeting with Marvel Studios.
  • Following the release of Logan in 2017, Hugh Jackman ceased portraying Wolverine.
  • He has previously discussed the role.

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Taron Egerton Updates: According to reports, Taron Egerton has spoken with Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, about portraying Wolverine in a future production. The 32yearold actor stated to a tabloid that, if things go well, he would adore playing the legendary X-Men character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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However, given that most people still equate the human mutant with Hugh Jackman, Egerton is a little “apprehensive” about the same. However, Egerton made no comments about what was addressed during his alleged meeting with Feige, indicating that nothing is definite at this time.I don’t believe it would be improper to say that, Egerton told The New York Times.

Hugh is so closely associated with the role that I would wonder if it would be very challenging for someone else to take it on. I would be thrilled but also nervous. But I’m hoping they’ll give me a chance if it works.In the 2000 film XMen, Wolverine was first portrayed by Jackman, who later starred alongside Egerton in the 2016 biographical sports movie Eddie the Eagle. He continued to portray the man with claws in subsequent XMen films, with Logan (2017) serving as his final outing as the title character. Jackman added that he has no plans to dress up for the part once more.

Taron Egerton

It’s interesting to note that Egerton has already discussed taking on Jackman’s role.I adore Marvel, but those rumours are unfounded. It’s quite flattering that anyone would believe I would be a good fit for the role. He had already gushed over Marvel.The 32yearold actor will also be seen as maverick video game developer Henk Rogers in the upcoming biographical drama Tetris — also supported by Apple TV+ — that chronicles the development of the titular video game. Egerton’s most recent comments about playing Wolverine come at a time when he is busy promoting the crime drama miniseries Black Bird, which premieres on Apple TV+ on July 8.Will Egerton be able to realise his ambition of playing the role of the next Wolverine? We haven’t heard anything about the XMen/mutants related new project the MCU is allegedly working since Feige initially hinted at it at San Diego Comic on years ago. Watch out for those MCU post-credits scenes, perhaps.

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