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Tall Girl 2 Series: Latest Updates!!!

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Tall Girl 2 Series Updates: Tall Girl 2 is now available on Netflix, following the success of the original film, which was another teen rom-com hit for the streaming service.

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The first film sparked controversy with its debut trailer and received mixed reviews from reviewers, but it found an audience when it premiered on Netflix in September 2019, garnering over 41 million views in its first four weeks.

Tall Girl’s sequel is on the way, after its star Ava Michelle confirmed the start of filming on Instagram.

What can we expect from Tall Girl 2, which will most likely not be dubbed Taller Girl?


The first film follows Jodi, a student who struggled to fit in at high school and isolated herself due to her height.

Her best buddy Jack is smitten (some might even say creepily obsessed) with her, but Jodi doesn’t see him that way because he’s much shorter than she is. Stig, a gorgeous (and tall) foreign exchange student, soon gives Jack a run for his money.

Despite Jack’s creepiness throughout Tall Girl, Jodi soon realises that Stig isn’t all he’s cracked up to be, rejecting him at the homecoming dance after giving a speech about her newfound self-confidence.

Jodi kissed Jack as he disclosed that the reason he always carried a milk crate around was so he could kiss her while standing on it.

Tall Girl 2

The sequel begins with Jodi as a popular girl at school, but “miscommunications start generating rifts with those around her, and now she truly needs to’stand tall,’” according to Production Weekly.

This could be a reference to her relationship with Jack, however we’d prefer to have Jodi begin the film by realizing she didn’t have to be with him.

To learn more about the sequel and what to expect from Jodi’s comeback, we’ll have to wait till the official narrative summary is released.


Ava Michelle will, of course, reprise her role as Jodi Kreyman, the eponymous tall girl, and the start of production announcement video indicated that she’ll be accompanied by other cast members from the original film.

Griffin Gluck reprises his role as Jodi’s now-boyfriend Jack Dunkleman, while Luke Eisner reprises his role as Stig Mohlin, Jodi’s past love interest. Sabrina Carpenter, Steve Zahn, and Angela Kinsey all return to reprise their roles as Jodi’s sister Harper and their parents.

Anjelika Washington reprises her role as Jodi’s best friend Fareeda, and Clara Wilsey and Rico Paris reprise their roles as Jodi’s bullies Kimmy and Schnipper, respectively.

Johanna Liauw and Jan Luis Castellanos, stars of 13 Reasons Why, are also newbies to the cast, but it’s unclear who they’ll be playing in the sequel.


The sequel does not yet have a guaranteed release date, however it is currently in production as of April 2021. Unless the sequel has a Christmas theme, we expect Netflix to release it in 2022, possibly around the Valentine’s Day period that To All the Boys 2 and 3 took. For the time being, though, this is simply supposition.

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