TAKKI SEASON 3: Takki is a drama web series from Saudi Arabia. This series was directed by Mohammad Makki, a 25yearold man. Because no cable channel would air it, it was only available on YouTube. It was also successful since Saudis are among the most ardent YouTube viewers in the world. However, Netflix has purchased the show, and it is now available only on Netflix. Makki can easily gather input from the audience by using the comment box. “Its YouTube presence serves to underscore that it is a product of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) youth. “Takki Series was created and released by UTURN Entertainment, and it is one of their shows that can be found on their YouTube channel.


This series depicts the daily lives of six young adults in Saudi Arabia, with the goal of reaching out to the Saudi youth. Makki remarked in an interview with Arab News, “We want to bring our culture to life and bridge the gap between our various backgrounds in Saudi Arabia while also showcasing Saudi society to the rest of the globe. To depict women wearing hijab, praying, Saudi youth difficulties and issues, and to bridge the gap between diverse mind-sets while also portraying our culture in a light-hearted manner.

“The goal of this show is to challenge Saudi Arabia’s societal norms. The show focuses on highlighting social issues in Saudi Arabia. Gender connections, family dynamics, friendship, poverty, racial tensions, and drug usage are among the themes. One of the key reasons why the Takki Series is one of the most popular online series among Saudi Arabian youth is that it addresses these topics. Jeddah, a notoriously liberal seaside city, is also featured in the series. A conservative city like Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital, would almost certainly not produce such a series. Since the 1970s oil boom, Jeddah has been noted for its liberal attitude.

The city’s slogan even emphasizes its unique position in the country: ‘Jed’ Jeddah is unique.’ The government is less visible, and the police are less strict than they are in other parts of the country. The majority of Saudi Arabian citizens use Jeddah as a vacation destination. Women are given more freedoms, including the ability to go through malls and sit in smoking clubs without covering their faces.

Classical and rap concerts are held in Jeddah. “For people in Riyadh, Jeddah is their breathing place if they can’t afford to go abroad,” says public relations manager Rayyan alDahlawi, reiterating the city’s liberties. A young aspiring filmmaker and his group of friends in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, struggle with family expectations, gender norms, romance, and rivalry.


Mohammed Balkh took part in the game as a player Mutaz, Reem AlHabib took part in the game as a player Mother, you are a powerful woman. Ali Altieri took part in the game as a player Majed, Moayed Althagafi was cast in the role of Moayed Althagafi. Malik, Bayan, Agni Makki was played by Khairia Abu Laban. These are some of the most prominent casts and crews who excelled at portraying their respective characters. These casts will provide you with a lot of information.


The third season of the popular Saudi Arabian drama ‘Takki’ is now available, with a new trailer announcing the drama’s arrival on Netflix on October 28. For more information stay tuned.

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