Taiwan: Massive Power Outage Affects Five Million Households

Taiwan: Massive Power Outage Affects Five Million Households

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Here Is The Latest Update About Taiwan: Massive Power Outage Affects Five Million Households

After a power outage that affected part of the island’s south and five million households due to a breakdown at a major power producing facility, Taiwan’s state-run power operator announced on Thursday that power is gradually being restored.

Hydro and other power plants were brought online to provide electricity, according to Taipower, which blamed a trip at an ultra-high voltage substation on an issue with a transformer at “the Hsinta power plant in Kaohsiung’s southern suburbs.”

The huge coal-fired power plant generates nearly a sixth of Taiwan’s electricity.

“I am deeply sorry for the massive power outage and apologies profusely for the inconvenience caused, particularly in the south,” Economy Minister Wang Mei-Hua told reporters.

When asked if the plant had been hacked, cabinet spokesman Lo Ping-cheng indicated that no cause could be ruled out.

Following a reported power plant accident, major cities across Taiwan, including the capital Taipei, have experienced extensive power outages.

According to a report by the state-run Central News Agency, Taiwan’s economic affairs minister, Wang Meihua, stated an accident occurred at a power facility in southern Taiwan.

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She said that the ministry would deal with the situation “immediately.”

According to her, the outage affected almost five million households in Taiwan.

Taipower, the state-owned power company, reported a transformer had failed at the Xingda power plant in Kaohsiung’s southern suburbs, and that backup power sources were being activated.

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Taiwan: Massive Power Outage Affects Five Million Households

According to reports, the power plant generates almost a fifth of Taiwan’s electricity.

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The world’s largest contract chip manufacturer, TSMC, stated a handful of its operations have encountered brief “power dips.” According to a Reuters article, it was also examined to see if there was any “real impact.”

Ms Wang apologized for the interruption at a press conference on Thursday, saying that power would be restored to the northern portions of the island by noon and the southern parts of the island by midday.

Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Taiwan, was scheduled to meet with Mike Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State. As a result, she stated in a Facebook post that a planned Livestream of her conversation with Mr. Pompeo had to be temporarily canceled.

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Taiwan News reported early on Thursday that traffic lights at road intersections were malfunctioning, causing chaos.

According to the news outlet, traffic cops had been ordered to direct motorists and fire trucks deployed around cities to cope with emergencies such as rescuing persons trapped in elevators.

Large power outages do occur on occasion on the island. A huge blackout struck half of Taiwan in 2017, affecting 6.68 million people.

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