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Super Buckyball Tournament Game Release Date Updates: Latest Entertainment News!!!

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Super Buckyball Tournament Game Updates: In the latest entertainment news today you are going to get all the information about a Super Buckyball Tournament game release date updates.

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A multiplayer sports game called Super Buckyball Tournament features 3v3 teambased fighting in arenas decorated in a cyberpunk style. On November 15, 2022, the game will be made fully playable on PC through Steam Store, with a seasonal battle pass and ongoing feature releases.Pathea Games also revealed that Super Buckyball Tournament will take part in the upcoming Steam Next Fest, which will run from October 3 to October 10. This news comes in addition to the release date announcement. Players are invited to try out the Beta version for free during the event and engage in action-packed multiplayer battle.


1. ADAPTIVE GAMEPLAY : Thanks to engaging gameplay and an intriguing range of character & ability combos, each 6-minute encounter is novel and entertaining, allowing players to strategy in countless ways.

2. QUALITIES AND SKILLS:19 characters will be introduced at the game’s formal launch on November 15; each character’s special traits and skill set will affect the game’s outcome.

3. SUPERIOR TEAMPLAY : In video games for sports, passing has never been so simple thanks to assisted passing mechanisms. The emphasis on teamwork has made it possible for fluid cooperative plays and rapid passing possibilities.

4. MODES OF PLAY : The game will have an Arcade Mode including Basketball, Dodgeball, and Item mode for a more relaxed experience in addition to traditional 3v3 game variants.The single player game option for Super Buckyball Tournament will let players take on the role of a team manager, manage all element of the team’s operations, and guide the squad from the bottom up to the Super Buckyball Tournament series champions.

5. EARLIER HISTORY : Super Buckyball Tournament takes place in a not-too-distant future where advances in cybernetics, genetic engineering, and body modification technologies have made it possible for people to become more powerful and distinctive. Super Buckyball provided an opportunity for people from various societies and backgrounds to compete on the field because it was a sport created exclusively for upgraded humans.

Since then, a global, cross border league comprising teams from all over the world has been established called the Super Buckyball Tournament.Chinese independent game developer Pathea Games, known for its My Time franchise, which includes the newly launched My Time at Sand rock, first unveiled the game back in April 2019.Pathea Games asserts that the creation of Super Buckyball Tournament is entirely independent of the My Time Series because it is the company’s goal to venture beyond the confines of the conventional life simulation genre.

With a committed team of engineers working on it for more than 5 years, the project has undergone several playtests over the last 2 years. Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason, a trial version for Super Buckyball Tournament, was released by Pathea Games in November 2020. Over the course of two weeks, it garnered a lot of great feedback, with over 120K downloads and 86% positive ratings.

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Super Buckyball Tournament Game
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