Steve O and Stacey Solomon Relationship History At Glance

Steve O and Stacey Solomon dated for a long time before they were married. Doch let’s first discuss the persons. Earlier this year, Stacey Solomon revealed that she will be expecting her fourth child in June 2020. They’re expecting a girl this time. There are already four males in the family, so this is a welcome addition. While sitting with Joe, Stacey posted a picture of her growing baby bulge on Instagram. It’s clear that Steve-O is still up to his usual crazy shenanigans. Unsurprisingly, he’s in problems again.

The Jackass actor is known for his bizarre exploits. An October stunt in the next 2021 film was cancelled by the director. Dog faeces was shot at him using a T-shirt cannon. Steve took it upon himself to execute the act after the stunt was rejected. After completing his feat, he bought a t-shirt. This caused him to lose hearing in both ears. An emergency room visit made him realise how dumb his act was, and he apologised on his Twitter account.

In Formation About Steve O and Stacey Solomon

In Dagenham, England, she was born on October 4, 1989. The divorce of her parents took place when she was barely nine years old. X-Factor debuted Solomon’s singing career in 2009. When she made it to the Top 12 candidates in the finals, she was given expert advice.

Steve O and Stacey Solomon

The Scientist was her first official cover. It was well appreciated and launched her music career. You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson was among the covers she did. Later, she travelled with the other finalist singers. Finally, in 2010, she returned to the show as a presenter. Stacey had originally planned to release her debut album in 2011; however, she was forced to postpone it.

However, due to a few unforeseen circumstances, the date was pushed back many months. In 2015, she released her debut album, Shy, which was a huge success. Shy was also the name of the title tune of the album. Her second single from the album was entitled My Big Mistake. There is no doubt that Stacey had a successful career in the television industry. “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here” was her 10th time participating in the show.

At this point in her life, she has earned the moniker ‘Queen of the Jungle’ Debra Hicks has also served as host of the 2017 X-Factor and Sing If You Can in 2011. A guest panellist on Loose Women, she began her career in 2016. Later, she became a frequent panellist on the show. In addition to Mad Mad World, Love Island and The Crystal Maze, Stacey has featured in a variety of other television series.

Relationship Update 

A couple of years ago, there was something between Steve O and Stacey. These two men are very different in both their natures and their occupations. He and his wife had full polar opposite personalities.

A permanent relationship was seen as possible because of this, everyone agreed. Winter sports show The Jump introduced them in February 2015. In a matter of days, they began dating. Many of the fans were also captivated by the notion of this extremely odd pair and totally embraced them as a couple. These two were popular favourites, although they only lasted a brief period of time. In July 2015, they announced that they were parting ways with one another.