Star Beam Season 2: Is It Releasing On Netflix?, Cast Info, Plot and Others Details

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The “star beam” is one of the upcoming animated series and was created by Loris Lunsford, Jason Netter. This series was produced by Loris Kramer Lunsford, Jason Netter, Heather Puttock, Noelle Wright, Sasha Duncan, Karina Partington, Jamie Turner, Leiki Veskimets.

I am sure the same team members will come back in this series. “Star beam theme” is the opening theme of this series and was composed by Kathryn rende. Let us wait for a new opening.


Star Beam Season 2: Plot

In this series, there was a powerful character named Zoey and she was one of the superheroes. She has the ability to create force fields.  She always wishes to do super works and that was inherited from her mom.  The entire story revolves around in an adventure manner.
The show keeps viewers attached, who wanted to know whether Zoey will become more powerful superhero in magic or she will lost her powers.

Star Beam Season 2: Cast and Characters

There were so many voice characters in this series and they may also return in next season. There were two leading voice characters and they are Nahanni Mitchell, Dean Petriw.
We may also expect some of the fictional characters such as Zoey acted as Star Beam, Henry acted as Boost, Gramps, Kipper, Zoey’s mom as Wonder Beam,  Captain Fish Beard, Cosmic Crusher, Ms. Winkleman, Mayor Bluemenshine, Luna Diaz, Ms. Fawkes, etc…

Star Beam Season 2; Release Date

The very first season of this series was premiered on April 3, 2020, and fans are currently waiting for the second season.  The series “ star beam” season 2 was premiered on September 8, 2020. Fans are much satisfied by this release date.


There is a specified trailer for this series and the trailer was launched on Netflix. It will be really awesome to watch the entire clips. I hope fans are satisfied with the information. Stay tuned for more updates.
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