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Stacy’s Yoon Confirmed To Be Diagnosed With Covid-19

Stacy’s Yoon Confirmed To Be Diagnosed With Covid-19


Stacy‘s Yoon Updates: Fans are concerned about their idols’ health and safety as the number of COVID instances among South Korean idols rises. Stacy’s Yoon has been diagnosed with COVID-19, according to HIGH UP Entertainment.

Despite the fact that many artists, including STAYC’s Yoon, have already received their COVID19 immunizations, the outcome reveals something else. As a result, there are concerns among fans. Fans were taken aback, especially given the band had only lately returned. As a result, the agency has issued a statement regarding STAYC’s Yoon’s health, bringing some solace to fans.

Stacy’s Yoon Confirmed To Be Diagnosed With COVID-19 And Update -HIGH UP Entertainment

HIGH UP Entertainment issued a statement about STAYC’s Yoon COVID19 testing report on March 11, 2022. Yoon has been diagnosed with COVID19, according to the agency.

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Stacy’s Yoon Confirmed To Be Diagnosed With Covid-19

She tested positive on the self-testing kit she used ahead of time on March 10, 2022. Yoon went to the hospital right after receiving the results and underwent PCR testing, and she was diagnosed with COVID19 on March 11th.

Yoon has already received three doses of the COVID19 vaccination, according to HIGH UP Entertainment. She is now exhibiting no serious symptoms. As a result, she is receiving the essential treatment at home, as prescribed by the government’s health officials.

Apart from Yoon, all of the other members of STAYC have been tested and found to be negative using PCR tests, and they are blissfully free of symptoms. HIGH UP Entertainment decided to put a halt to the group’s operations for the time being due to Yoon and STAYC’s health and safety concerns.

The agency is taking all necessary precautions while adhering to the government’s health requirements. They also stated that they are unable to rule out the possibility of other confirmed cases. As a result, they will keep a close eye on the member’s health.

Finally, HIGH UP Entertainment expressed regret to fans and employees for generating concern. They will continue to prioritize the artist’s health and safety, and they will do all possible to aid Yoon’s treatment and rehabilitation. As a result, supporters should send Yoon their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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