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Sri Lanka: President Confirms Resignation, PM Office Says: Latest Updates!!!

Sri Lanka Updates: After tens of thousands of demonstrators surrounded both men’s official residences, the prime minister’s office said that Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had declared he will step down.

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The people said they won’t leave until both men resign from their positions despite Sri Lanka’s severe financial situation.The president would step down on July 13th, according to the Speaker of the House.Since his home was raided on Saturday, Mr. Rajapaksa, whose whereabouts are unknown, has not made any public statements.Before demonstrators reached the presidential palace, he was taken to safety.The country’s economic mismanagement, which has resulted in severe shortages of food, fuel, and medicine for months, has been put on the president. The Speaker of the house first announced his retirement on Saturday, but many Sri Lankans reacted with scepticism to the notion that he would give up authority.According to a statement from the office, Rajapaksa informed the office of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Monday that he will step down on Wednesday. However, unless he writes a letter of resignation to the Speaker, which hasn’t happened yet, his resignation won’t be formally accepted, according the constitution of Sri Lanka. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe had previously declared his desire to step down. His home was burned down during the commotion on Saturday.


Thousands of people wait in a long line that extends to the end of the street outside the president’s office in Colombo to learn how their leaders have been conducting themselves.Men, women, and kids will all in to take a look.The White House is one of the most secure structures in the nation and one of the emblems of power.These individuals think they have succeeded in removing the president and prime minister from office through the power of the people.Even though the president has said he will stand down on Wednesday, none of those things have yet occurred. If he doesn’t formally retire, the conflict will last a very long time.On Sunday, protesters were standing their ground inside the president’s palace of occupation.Nirosha Sudarshini Hutchinson, who was at the compound with her two teenage daughters, expressed her sadness by saying, “I feel sorry.””A man who was democratically elected president has to resign in such an unflattering manner. We now feel guilty about supporting him.”On Sunday, other Sri Lankan lawmakers gathered to talk on how to handle a seamless transfer of power.Within a week of the president’s formal resignation, the speaker of Sri Lanka’s parliament told the BBC World Service News hour programme, a new cross-party coalition administration would need to be formed.According to political analyst and human rights attorney Bhavani Fonseka, “the next couple of days are going to be incredibly unpredictable times as to see what transpires politically.” She also said it would be fascinating to see if the two leaders “really resign.”


  • Off the coast of India, there is a tiny island country called Sri Lanka. It became independent of British authority in 1948. For many years, one family of brothers has reigned.
  • After years of a brutal and bloody civil conflict, Mahinda Rajapaksa’s administration overcame Tamil separatist insurgents in 2009, making him a hero among the majority Sinhalese. 22 million people, or 99 percent of the population, are either Muslim, Tamil, or Sinhalese. Currently serving as the president, Gotabaya formerly served as the defence secretary.
  • Presidential powers: In Sri Lanka, the president serves as the head of state, government, and the armed forces. However, the prime minister, who represents the ruling party in parliament, also shares many executive duties with the president.
  • Now that there is an economic crisis, the public is incensed. Due to rising inflation, some foods, medicines, and fuel are in short supply, there are rolling blackouts, and the public has taken to the streets in rage, with many blaming the Rajapaksa family and their government.
Sri Lanka

The Saturday palace invasion was the result of months of primarily peaceful protests in Sri Lanka against the country’s skyrocketing cost of living and shortages of basic necessities.Huge crowds gathered outside President Rajapaksa’s official residence, chanting and waving the national flag before bursting through the barriers and entering the building.Videos posted online showed guests wandering the property and swimming in the president’s pool, while others went through the president’s possessions, emptied out a chest of drawers, and used his opulent bathroom.In advance of the anticipated protests, Mr. Rajapaksa left his official residence on Friday, according to two sources in the defence ministry, who spoke to Reuters.Despite the fact that it is Mr. Rajapaksa’s official residence, he typically resides in a different property close by. According to the sources, his brother, the former prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, is in the nation at a naval facility.

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