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Sri Lanka: Fleeing President Lands In Singapore: World News Update Today!!!

Sri Lanka Updates: The resignation of deposed president Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been accepted by Sri Lanka’s parliament, bringing an end to the nearly 20year rule of the Rajapaksa family.In the midst of widespread protests over his poor management of the economy, Mr. Rajapaksa resigned and fled to Singapore.

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Due to a severe lack of food, fuel, and other necessities, Sri Lanka is experiencing economic instability.With Mr. Rajapaksa’s resignation, the nation may now go on with the election of a new leader.Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena, the speaker of the parliament for Sri Lanka, declared on Friday that he had accepted Mr. Rajapaksa’s resignation, which had been sent to him late on Thursday.He requested that the parliament meet on Saturday to begin the process of choosing a new leader. As acting president, Ranil Wickremesinghe, has been sworn in.The new leader of parliament, who may be Mr. Wickremesinghe, must be chosen within the next month.On Thursday, Mr. Rajapaksa left the Maldives for Singapore as massive protests erupted in Sri Lanka. In order to prevent the prospect of being arrested under a new administration, he is thought to have sought to leave Sri Lanka before announcing his resignation.The troubled leader took a flight to the Maldives on Tuesday evening before arriving in Singapore earlier on Thursday. According to reports, he is with his wife and two bodyguards.According to Singapore’s foreign ministry, Mr. Rajapaksa neither requested nor was given shelter. It further stated that Singapore “usually does not grant claims for asylum.”

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Demonstrators in Colombo, the country’s capital, celebrated the president’s departure on Thursday with dancing.Viraga Perera said, “We are beyond delighted, but also beyond relieved so we can take a breather and return to our lives. ”However, after Mr. Wickremesinghe imposed a new round of curfews on Thursday to quell protests, the numbers appeared smaller than previously.Antigovernment protesters started abandoning some of the governmental buildings they had held, which calmed down the streets of Colombo.A spokesman for the demonstrators declared, “We are peacefully retreating from the presidential palace, the presidential secretariat, and the prime minister’s office with immediate effect, but we will continue our struggle.”The protests on Wednesday in Colombo’s capital city, which took place at significant locations including the prime minister’s office, resulted in one fatality and 84 injuries.On Saturday, protesters ransacked the presidential palace and set fire to the prime minister’s private residence.Before successfully forcing their way inside the prime minister’s office in Colombo, police opened fire with tear gas at demonstrators trying to open the gates. Later, they made their way to parliament, but were turned away.Some of the largest protests since the protests’ inception in April occurred on Wednesday.

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