Squidbillies Season 13: Set To Be Released Soon!

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Squidbillies Season 13 Updates: Jim Fortier and Dave Willis produced the adult cartoon television series Squidbillies for Cartoon Network’s late-night programming channel, Adult Swim. The series follows the Cuyler family, a poor family of anthropomorphic hillbilly mud squids who live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. The show follows the escapades of an alcoholic father (Early), who is frequently abusive to his family in a funny manner. Rusty, his adolescent son, is yearning for his acceptance; his mother and grandmother, known as Granny in the program, is frequently the target of his rage; and Lil, Early’s sister, is mostly comatose in a pool of her own vomit.


Jim Fortier and Dave Willis, best known for developing and voicing various characters in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, collaborated on the project. They previously collaborated on the cult hit Space Ghost Coast to Coast. On Squidbillies, a show about the redneck antics of the residents of Douglas County, GA, they’d combine their irreverent sense of humor. Stuart D. Baker played Early Cuyler, a deadbeat drinker, from season 12 onwards. Early’s illegitimate son Rusty is played by Daniel McDevitt, while Granny is played by Dana Snyder and the young squid’s dysfunctional Aunt Lil is played by Patricia French. Adult Swim has published a new trailer for season 13 of Squidbillies. Confirming that this will be the final season of the long-running show The network’s official release reads, “Squidbillies, the show you love to overlook, is back for a 13th and last season.” “Join Early, Rusty, and Granny Cuyler for ten all-new episodes of jack woods shenanigans.” Sorry, hillbilly shenanigans.” A voiceover hammers home the seriousness of the forthcoming season amid video of explosions at Bubba’s Discount Burials and tentacular strip club encounters. Before promising a grand conclusion, it states, “The Cuylers are finally getting ready to ride off into the sunset.” “Get ready for yet another dose of down-home country wisdom, as well as a pleasant surprise.”


The trailer came a little over a year after Baker was sacked from his role as Early on Squidbillies. Baker, also known as Unknown Hinson, made racist and sexist comments on social media in response to an article in which Dolly Parton stated her support for Black Lives Matter protestors in the summer of 2020. The voice actor has fired from his Squidbillies role shortly after. While the clip shows that the program will go on without Baker, Adult Swim is still accepting auditions for a replacement Early Cuyler. The character’s voice is noticeably absent from the trailer, with his yet-to-be-cast line readings drowned out by a cacophony of horns. Baker’s firing will very certainly have an impact on the future of Squidbillies, with the show’s writers possibly shifting their focus to more Rusty-centric plotlines. They aren’t the first cartoon series to continue with a new voice actor. Jenny Slate left Netflix’s Big Mouth last year, claiming that the role of Missy should be filled by a Black actor (comedian Ayo Edibiri took over at the end of the fourth season). Squidbillies, an Adult Swim series, has announced a start date for its final season, which will begin with back-to-back episodes on Sunday, Nov. 7 at midnight.

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