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Reviews of SPRINT Season One ,Even if footage from important races shows the thrilling intensity of sprinting, not much is revealed. As a result, the documentary has the appearance of a well-executed PR campaign or a reality show with a sports theme.


SPRINT is a sports documentary that follows competitors as they compete to be the fastest person on the earth throughout the 2023 World Championships. It is brought to you by the same team that brought you Full Swing, Drive to Survive, and Break Point. To be honest, I require the most convincing of all sports when it comes to track and field, but this was just as interesting with a format akin to the previously stated series.

It’s helpful to know that we’re setting out on a journey through the past and the future; Season 1 of SPRINT centers on 2023, and Season 2 will be available on Netflix in 2024, tracking the same athletes as they approach their ultimate goal of competing in the Olympic Games in Paris. 

Like in most sports, the journey is just as thrilling as the destination, and this TV show gives you the impression that every second counts, from the minute you train until you step into your lane. The show makes the case for why watching this sport is worthwhile with in-depth interviews with prominent athletes and a build-up to major tournaments.

Applying Drive to Survive’s structure in a comparable way without coming across as overly patronizing is difficult. Track and field events consist of short moments in our life, yet other television shows feature entire seasons of intense labor to reach the finish lines in larger sizes. SPRINT has to pay greater attention to mind tricks, personalities, and failure-related anxiety. From a documentary standpoint, it might have been uninteresting without that.

Not becoming the fastest person in the world is a catastrophe for these sportsmen, not simply a setback. Being the best is all they want. Sprinters are just concerned with momentum and status, as opposed to other sports where there are goals to strive for. A recurrent motif in Episode 1 is that, even at the top, respect is earned only if one can keep up that pace. Respect is deserved for this commitment and unwavering focus, which are genuinely inspirational.

Usain Bolt is included in the docuseries because of this. Placing his name and brand above all others has increased awareness of the fastest individuals on the planet, and it provides context for the series. I was a little embarrassed by my ignorance about the aspirations of these sprinters and the general popularity of sports.

I watch track and field at the Olympics every four years as an average viewer. But how much I find the athletes’ story interesting usually determines how involved I am. SPRINT convincingly demonstrates that there are interesting tales to be told. 

These tales, like the one of the reigning Italian 100-meter champion Marcell Jacobs, who has overcome setbacks and skeptics, or Noah Lyles, the driven sprinter moving up to the 100-meter format in the Paris Diamond League, are what really captivate the sport.

You will learn to accept and even enjoy these players’ egocentric character. They oppose both the outside world and one another. Also, even if I might be biased and think this docuseries doesn’t compare well to the others, it’s still another sport that deserves to be covered.

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