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Spoilers And Preview: Black Clover Chapter 300- Preview & Release Date Update

Introduction Spoilers And Preview: Black Clover Chapter 300: At the Spade Kingdom, the heated conflict between the Supreme Devils and Knights is far from over. Vanessa, who unleashed Megicula’s actual abilities, is defeated by Noelle. Megicula warns Noelle that her Saint Stage isn’t through yet and that the only options she has are defeat or death.

Noelle’s Saint Magic assaults won’t even affect her, she reminds her. The Sound of the End is the title of chapter 299 of the Black Clover Manga. Medical believes that Noelle is helpless no matter who comes to her rescue. Noelle becomes enraged while listening to Megicula’s words, and Megicula responds that she is having a good time. Gaja is still dealing with the effects of Lolopechika’s punch, as a giant black hand appears at his back. Noelle is bewildered as to why Gaja smiles while Lolopechika keeps cutting him. Undine notices that if Gaja does not stop Lolopechika, he may perish. Gaja recalls a period when he couldn’t even wield magic and decided to serve as Heart Kingdom’s defense wall. Let’s see how the fight goes down below.

Highlights From Chapter 299 Of Black Clover:

No one could stop the two Devils from striking their Kingdom, and as a result, their Queen was afflicted with an awful curse. Gaja apologized the day Lolopechika was cursed but assured her that she was fine because she had control over her curse and the Devil was not bothering them.

Spoilers And Preview: Black Clover Chapter 300They had no idea that the Devils were planning to retake Lolopechika and destroy the Heart Kingdom. Gaja was told by Lolopechika that she is happy that no one was hurt in their Kingdom and that he does not need to be concerned.

Supreme Devil VS Spirit Guardians:

Gaja recognizes that he put forth a lot of effort to safeguard the country and its people, but Lolopechika has changed. Aja rejoins the fight by approaching Megicula, realizing that he needs to stop Lolopechika. Gaja remarks that the wound Queen Lolopechika inflicted on him is insignificant and that he would not die at this point. Gaja folds his palm, preparing to strike with a powerful blow, and declares that it is past time for him to save Lolopechika. Medical and Vanessa are separated by Gaja’s Ultimate Lightning Magic: Apocalypra Astauza.In the Kingdom of the Spades, everything begins to change. Noelle tried to assault, but she came to a halt after seeing something she couldn’t believe. Aja’s body was engulfed in a cloud of black smoke. There is no evidence of Megicula or Vanessa at the end of the chapter, which closes with a large cloud of white smoke.

Release Date Of Spoilers And Preview: Black Clover Chapter 300:

The official release date for Black Clover Chapter 300 is July 18, 2021, and you can read it on Viz.
We have been tracking the information about this, once we get an official update we will surely update each and every single update.


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