South Korea New Political cry “Out with Man haters”

South Korea Updates: The emerging anti feminism might overcome and hinder the hard won progress that South  Korea has over the years made in to expanding women’s rights, the Advocates fear.

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On the streets of South Korea, now there is another rally of all men including dozens of young men all in black attire taunting the protestors, with a “Thud Thud” sound to imitate the noise which the rallies against sexual violence and gender bias is being carried out in South Korea.

The men taunted with the sound of “Thud Thud” to imitate those who according to them are “Ugly Feminist Pigs”.

They also addressed feminism as a mental illness and shouted out with “Out with man haters”.

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South Korea

“Anti-Feminism” Feelings On Rise.

If just on the streets, the rallies like this could be easily dismissed as the extreme rhetoric of a fringe group but it has been observed that these anti-feminist sentiments has now increasingly imposing the agenda online, and on South Korean politics and Society.

The male activists now on the streets of South Korea now has started smacking anything which in their sight is relating to feminism in one way or other. They are now forcing a university to cancel a lecture delivered by a woman, who they accused of spreading misandry.

Apart from doing things like threatening businesses of boycott and other things, these protestors now have take the aim at the government for prompting at a feminist agenda, eliciting promises from rival presidential candidates for reforming the country’s 20 years old ministry of gender equality and family.

As one of the heads, of men in solidarity spoke to the media, he said that they have no hatred for women and are not opposing for their elevation of rights, but what are they have problem with is the idea of “Feminism”.

It is after the unrest caused, the advocates for women’s right fear that the grown anti-feminism feelings could actually roll back on the hard won progress that the country has done in years to expands the rights for Women.

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