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South Korea Arrests Two For Passing Military Secrets To North

South Korea Arrests Two For Passing Military Secrets To North


According to investigators, the CEO of a bitcoin exchange and an army officer shared login information for South Korea’s joint military command. They are accused of accepting substantial sums of money in exchange for their cooperation. Since fighting a war between 1950 and 1953, North and South Korea have had a difficult relationship.

This is the first instance of an active-duty officer and a civilian cooperating and spying on military secrets on the orders of a North Korean operative, according to authorities. Between January and March, the agent allegedly utilized a camera watch and a USB device to gain access to data. Earlier this month, the two males were apprehended.

South Korea Arrests Two For Passing Military Secrets To North

The name and whereabouts of the putative North Korean spy are unknown. On Thursday, South Korean prosecutors and police announced the arrests of Lee, the CEO of the virtual currency startup, and Captain B, an army commander. Both of them are accused of breaking the country’s National Security Act.

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Authorities claim they approached the businessman in July 2021 to “hire an active-duty officer to explore military secrets.”He allegedly approached Captain B the following month, promising to compensate him with Bitcoin in exchange for military secrets on the accused North Korean agent’s orders.

After then, the army officer agreed to take part in the operation and reveal the information. According to the Yonhap news agency, Lee purchased “a watch type hidden camera” in January and gave it to Captain B via courier, who was able to transfer the camera to his base.

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South Korea Arrests Two For Passing Military Secrets To North

Lee then went out and bought parts for a poison tap, a USB-type hacking gadget that provided him remote access to his laptop’s contents. According to investigators, these included login passwords for the South Korean military’s joint command and control system.

What other information may have been accessed is unknown. Prosecutors said the officer received 48 million Korean won ($37,938; £30,203) in bitcoin for his role in the scheme, while Lee received 700 million won in virtual currency. The operation was tipped off to the police in February, according to police. Lee was apprehended on April 2nd, and the army officer was apprehended on April 15th.

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Based on comments provided by the suspects and Telegram chat threads, police officials believe the mastermind of the spy operation is a North Korean. They went on to say that Lee and the army officials were arrested, which stopped the leak.

The bitcoin dealer had also attempted to approach another military commander, who had spurned his approach, according to police. Another suspect, who is accused of acting as an intermediary between Lee and the army officer, is still being investigated.

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