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Soulstice Game: Latest Updates!!!

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Soulstice Game Updates: Modus Games’ new IP “Soulstice” offers a desolate landscape filled with zombies to cut through. Briar and Lute are the two characters in the “sad drama of sisterly love.” The twins undertook a procedure to tie their souls together, changing them into an elite being known as a Chimera, in order to fend off the expanding swarm of monsters. Lute sacrificed her body to become a ghost, complete with otherworldly talents, while Briar kept her physical form, acquiring improved strength and resilience.

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The high-octane combat and dark fantasy environment of the action-adventure call to mind “Dark Souls,” “Berserk,” “Devil May Cry,” and “Nier Automata.” Despite these similarities, “Soulstice” has several potential qualities, such as a slick art design, that could help it stand apart from its predecessors. If you’re interested in saving mankind through the power of sisterhood, here’s all you need to know about Modus Games’ impending gloomy epic.


Briar’s melee mastery is combined with Lute’s battlefield control abilities in “Soulstice,” resulting in a synergistic combat system. The two can achieve “powerful transformations” by cooperating. You can also enhance your equipment and attacks to better deal with the horde of Wraiths, Corrupted, and Possessed that cross your path.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore Ilden, a city within the Holy Kingdom of Keidas, in addition to fighting. You must solve riddles and uncover mysteries in order to progress, including the actual nature of the sisters’ bond. It appears that the sacrifice they made to unite their souls may have far-reaching implications beyond what they bargained for.

Soulstice Game

“A coming-of-age fantasy adventure with fast-paced action, deadly foes, and spectacular boss fights,” according to the official Steam description. You can register for extended playtime and special content access here if you want a more in-depth look at the setting and mechanics of “Soulstice.”


Despite the fact that publisher Modus Games only announced “Soulstice” at E32021, users will not have to wait long to enjoy the furious action RPG. “Soulstice” will be released in 2022, according to the announcement. The launch target, while nota definite release date, signifies that the project has progressed rather far in the development process.

“Soulstice” is the result of a new collaboration between Modus Games and Reply Game Studios, based in Milan(formerly Forge Reply). The new IP was touted as “an intriguing next-gen experience that will be Modus’ most ambitious published game to date” in a press release that followed the announcement. “Soulstice” has already been in the works for nearly three years when the collaboration was announced in April. The studio was able to devote all of its resources to finishing the game thanks to Modus, which it celebrated with a complete rebranding.

“Soulstice” will only be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, as you would have inferred from Modus’ description. Console users who haven’t managed to get their hands on a next-gen device by the end of the year may be out of luck.

Two trailers for “Soulstice” have been produced by Modus Games and Reply Game Studios: the E3 Announcement Trailer and the Gamescom 2021 “Sisters” Trailer. The two-minute and 44-secondAnnouncement Trailer blends cinematics with Alpha gameplay video to introduce players to “Soulstice,” the game’s main couple, and the game’s bleak, gloomy fantasy atmosphere. It begins with stained glass depictions of important historical events. Briar smashes one of the windows, triggering a fast transition to a gameplay montage. The graphics and style sparked a lot of interest, with one commenter even saying, “I want to freeze myself till release day.”

The Gamescom teaser heightened the anticipation for “Soulstice,” emphasizing the importance of the sisters’ bond. Despite being shorter than the first clip, you get to see the “protector” and “knight” team up to knock down a slew of foes, including some wicked-looking bosses. While some viewers slammed the title for being too similar to “Berserk and the Band of the Hawk,” others showed a strong desire to see the female-led action-adventure.

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