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Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 3: Review, Stats Cast, Plot Lines and Other Details

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Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 3 Updates: Sore Dake Ga Neck is an animated TV series which is directed by Noboru Iguchi. Producers of this series are Masaya Kuramoto, Hiroyuki Sakai, Reina Fujisaki, and Shuki Yamazaki. This series was planned by Shinobu Uchida and Akira Funada. The scriptwriter of this series is Saki Kuniyoshi.

The character designer of this series is Saki Kuniyoshi and Kaneyoshi. The theme song was performed by Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai. It is in the genre of comedy and mystery. There is a total of 6 episodes and each episode runs up to 4 minutes. The name of the series is in Romaji and its English title is that is the Bottleneck.

Sore Dake Ga Neck: Plot Lines

This is from the story of the flowers of evil life comes the story and about the staff of a very peculiar convenience store. There is also an official website opened on Monday that revealing an original TV anime which is titled Sore dake ga neck.

Sore Dake Ga Neck

This series was aired at the time of 2.30 a.m. on TV in Tokyo so just watch it. Most of the kids love to watch such an animated series. Japan is the country of origin and Japanese is the original language of this series.

Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 3: Cast and Characters

This series has many interesting cast and characters they are Mutou voiced by Yuuki Kimisawa, Tenchou voiced by Toshimasa Niiro, Adam voiced by Shingo Ogaya, Nekomaru voiced by Masaki Sawai, Ootsuka voiced by Tsubasa Kizu, Tabata voiced by Ui Hinagata, Ueno voiced by Taisei Nishino, Akiba voiced by Taiga Fukazawa and many other characters and voice cast are also included in this series.

 Release Details  Of The Show

This series was released on 13th October 2020 where totally of 6 episodes were runs 6 days 5 hours and 24 minutes. The average score of this series is 42% a mean score of this series is 43% and there is 879 popularity with 5 favorites.

Sore Dake Ga Neck: Stats

It is in the rankings of 19th highest-rated series in 2020, 16th most popular series in 2020, 6th highest rated fall series in 2020 and also the 5th most popular fall in 2020.

I hope fans will be satisfied with this information. It is also requested to share this video and stay tuned for more updates.

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