Sonic Prime Season 1 Series: Latest Entertainment News!!!

Sonic Prime Season 1

Sonic Prime Season 1 Updates: In the news about latest upcoming netflix animated series updates on, Sonic Prime Season 1. Read full article to know more about this series.

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A brand-new animated series featuring everyone’s favourite blue speedster Sonic is now streaming on Netflix. In a teaser trailer made available by the streaming service, Sonic can be seen zooming through the Green Hill Zone.


As per usual, Dr. Eggman causes havoc in a huge robot with the assistance of a few friends to carry out his plot to rule the world. The Sonic Prime Netflix series’ premiere date, plot, voice actors, and characters are all included in the information provided below.

Following Sonic Boom, Sonic Prime is the sixth animated programme based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series (2014). It will be the first instalment of the franchise to air on a streaming platform.

The first season’s 24 episodes will be produced by Sega, Man of Action Entertainment, and WildBrain. After he and Dr. Eggman unintentionally trigger a universe-shattering event during a fight, Sonic will be the main character in the plot as he sets out on a “high-octane adventure.”

He traverses the multiverse in search of his buddies, finding new worlds and allies along the way. As of far, the trailers have hinted at Big the Cat as a supportive character and Shadow the Hedgehog as an enemy. The Mystic Ruins, Big the Cat’s home, might appear in the series.


There is now a cast roster for Sonic Prime. Nevertheless, all we are aware of is Deven Mack’s voice as Sonic. We already know that Tails, Amy, Eggman, Shadow, and Big will all feature from concept art and trailers, but we don’t yet know who is voicing everyone.
Sonic Prime won’t feature any of the video game or film actors. This is allegedly because it is a Canadian production, and as a result, Canadian voice actors have been employed.


In December 2022, the first 24 episodes of the series will be released on Netflix. This announcement, along with the official name reveal and logo, came from Netflix on Twitter.
However, there is considerable ambiguity around the show’s future as Netflix put a limit on its animation projects in response to a significant anticipated loss of customers.

Although Sonic Prime has not been formally stated, we will monitor upcoming developments and update this post as necessary. The year 2022 is going to be significant for Sonic.

Two new games, including Sonic Frontiers, the first Sonic open-world game, are scheduled for release this year. The animated movie Sonic the Hedgehog 2 had a huge opening weekend at theatres.

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Sonic Prime Season 1

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