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Snap Pixy Unveiled, A Pocket-Sized Drone Priced At $230: Latest Updates

Snap Pixy Unveiled, A Pocket-Sized Drone Priced At $230: Latest Updates


• Snap will begin offering a number of free services for AR developers
• Snap will also roll out a new feature called “Dress Up” on Snapchat, with the theme “Back to Reality.”


Snap said on Thursday at its annual presentation to demonstrate new technologies that it will roll out new capabilities to make it easier for marketers to develop augmented reality shopping experiences on its Snapchat app, as well as a flying camera. In a renewed attempt to build its hardware business,

the Santa Monica, California-based firm launched Pixy, a pocket-sized camera that can fly a few feet above its user to take images and movies before landing in the palm of the hand. Snap announced that Pixy will cost $230 (approximately Rs. 17,550) and will be available in the United States and France.

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The theme of Snap’s Partner Summit was “Back to Reality,” reflecting the company’s recent focus on augmented reality (AR), a sort of technology that uses computerized graphics to improve photos, videos, or the sense of being in the real world. In an interview, Bobby Murphy, co-founder, and chief technology officer at Snap, said,

“We believe there’s a great lot of opportunity to build tools… that are tied to what we see in front of us.”Snap will begin providing AR developers with a variety of free services, including data storage. Until now, photo filters and lenses had to be simple and little in file size in order to upload rapidly to the app.

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Snap Pixy Unveiled, A Pocket-Sized Drone Priced At $230

Developers will be able to construct more complicated AR experiences with more storage, according to Murphy. Pixy’s best feature is that it doesn’t require a controller or a lengthy setup procedure. One of the four pre-programmed flight paths can be selected using the on-board button/dial.

In the center, there’s a dedicated settings dial. The drone has four rotors and is protected by a protective case. Selfies and videos taken with the Pixy are immediately saved to Snapchat Memories. Users can then add effects like 3D bounce, speed ramps, jump cuts, and more to their photographs and movies.

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This function is very similar to Snap Spectacles, which has gone through several revisions in recent years. He explained that an augmented reality garden, for example, would be able to contain 3D models of more flowers and plants.

Snap will also introduce “Dress Up,” a new Snapchat feature that allows users to explore AR shopping filters that allow them to visually try on apparel and accessories. Globally, Snapchat currently has over 600 million monthly users, up from 500 million last year.

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