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Small Axe Season 2-cast, Production & Release Date

Introduction Small Axe Season 2: Small Axe is a British anthology film series conceived and directed by Steve McQueen. The anthology includes five films that depict unique stories of the life of West Indian immigrants in London from the 1960s to the 1980s. Two episodes of the series were chosen for the official competition of the 2020 Cannes Film Festival. The series aired on BBC One in the United Kingdom on November 15, 2020, and on Amazon Prime Video in the United States on November 20, 2020. The title alludes to a saying – “Tiny axe fall large tree” or “If you are the giant tree, we are the small axe” – popularised by Bob Marley in his 1973 song “Small Axe.”

Small Axe Season 2 Cast:

The first season, for example, starred John Boyega, Sharlene Whyte, and Letitia Wright. However, it is unknown whether or not the main cast will return for the second season.

Small Axe Season 2 As for Steve, each picture centred on a different character’s tale. As a result, we may anticipate that Small Axe Season 2 will have some new characters.

Small Axe Season 2 Production:

Lucy stated that there are several tales to be told and that she thought Steve would convey them nicely. She went on to say that Steve is a brilliant artist and filmmaker. However, considering the first season, it took over 10 years to complete filming. As a result, if they come up with Season 2, odds are it will take another 10 years to complete the season. The network, however, has yet to confirm the formal filming and renewal of Small Axe Season 2. Furthermore, Season 2 is not yet at the scripting stage. As a result, fans will have to wait a long time to find out when Season 2 will be released.

Release Date:

Small Axe Season 2 has not yet been renewed by the BBC. Despite its massive popularity and five-week collecting, the BBC is still unsure about the destiny of the second season. Many fans, on the other hand, are patiently awaiting the network’s decision. However, in a recent interview, the BBC stated that they have no plans for Season 2, despite the fact that no official statement has been made regarding the second season. This is a fast overview of the series, as well as the most recent updates. The audience was looking forward to the next seasons of this show.
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