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Slumberland Movie

Slumberland Movie Updates: In the news about latest upcoming netflix movie called Slumberland. Read full article to know more about this movie.

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We observe an increasing number of intriguing films that appeal to both young and old audiences as the popularity of children’s fantasy movies rises. A case in point is the newly released trailer for Slumberland, which stars Jason Momoa in a kind and humorous role and was met with great anticipation by the fanbase.

Slumberland, the second full-length film in the franchise, will be added to Netflix’s fall 2022 release schedule. It is based on Winsor McCay’s original comics Little Nemo in Slumberland. The first is the 1989 Japanese animated film Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland.

Netflix is producing the movie under the fantastic direction of Francis Lawrence, who has previously worked on successful movies like The Hunger Games and I am Legend. The production has been delayed until February 2021.

You might as well become an expert on the movie while you anxiously await the upcoming adventure. Here is everything we currently know about the upcoming fantasy film Slumberland, a Netflix original.


Nemo, the primary character, was originally portrayed as a boy in the comics, but the movie insists on making her a girl since it appeals to the public more to see a little girl going on adventures like a Disney princess.

Nemo is the main character in the novel, and as the name suggests, he is constantly searching for something. Nemo used to reside in a lighthouse with her devoted father, but after he passed away, she was given into Philip’s custody.

When she was little, her father used to read her bedtime tales about the dream world Slumberland. She awoke from a dream-based alternate reality one night when she was still asleep. You can wish for anything there, but there are also consequences in the shape of nightmares that could come true.

To find her father, who she has been missing terribly, the young girl sets off on an epic quest with Jason Momoa’s Flip (a stupid clown with a propensity for getting into mischief). She encounters both allies and enemies while exploring the danger zone with Flip, her new closest buddy.


Even though Flip and Nemo are at the centre of Slumberland most of the time, there are a few notable characters to keep in mind. Marlow Barkley will play Nemo, a lonely daughter who would do anything to get her father back, while Jason Momoa will have fun playing a silly clown.

As Uncle Philip, Chris O’Dowd embodies the role of a loving father figure. Kyle Chandler’s portrayal of Peter, the protagonist of the plot, will have a big influence on the viewer despite having minimal screen time (as evidenced by the trailer).

By meddling with Nemo and Flip’s exploits, Weruche Opia as Agent Green, Tonya Cornelisse as Agent Red, and Jamilah Rose as Agent Orange, on the other hand, would offer exciting plot twists to the story.

Despite the fact that these are the main characters featured in the trailer, there are a few others who can also make a contribution to the movie. These additional actors include Humberly Gonzalez as Graceia, Ava Cheung as Ho-Sook, Antonio Raine Pastore as Young Peter, Luxton Handspiker as Matt, Sergio Osuna as Manager, Cameron Nicoll as Young Philip, Izaak Smith as Canadian Guy, Michael Blake as The Accountant, and Katerina Taxia as Janice.

Although the actors seems to be fairly strong, the production team is also very talented. Pinar Toprak, who previously used her skills on Captain Marvel, is specifically responsible for writing the soundtrack for Slumberland.


Netflix has officially stated that Slumberland will debut on November 18, 2022. The movie is a fantastic family-friendly experience for viewers of all ages and has a PG rating.

You might as well look out the Slumberland comics or even the 1989 animated movie if you have plenty of time to kill before the movie’s debut.

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Slumberland Movie

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