Six Days In Fallujah Game Leak Info And Air Dates: Latest Entertainment News!!!

Six Days In Fallujah Game

Six Days In Fallujah Game Updates: The game Six Days in Fallujah underwent a turbulent development process. Many people are still unsure of whether it will be released or whether it has been completely cancelled (again).

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It doesn’t help that some people continue to disagree with the premise of the game’s plot.

As the first video game to specifically address the Iraq War, the game was initially being produced by Konami. However, the game was discontinued due to complaints that it was offensive.


The Second Battle of Fallujah, a US/UK and Iraqi operation against insurgents that happened in November 2004 during the Iraq War, is recreated in the upcoming first-person tactical military shooter Six Days in Fallujah.

Missions are based on actual events, with narration provided by soldiers who participated in the conflict and documentary elements setting the scene.

Over 100 Marines, Soldiers, and Iraqi citizens were reportedly questioned for the game, according to the Six Days website.

Every playthrough sees a different version of the battlefield thanks to procedural architecture, which aims to capture the unpredictable nature of real combat.

You’ll be in charge of guiding a group through these arbitrary settings, using the “Go Command” to direct suppressive fire, breach and clear rooms, and other things.


Since the video game Six Days in Fallujah is based on actual events, there have been many questions over whether it is suitable to depict this particular conflict in a video game.

Six Days in Fallujah is referred to as a “war crime game” in a critical article from Kotaku, which provides background by citing a 2004 Associated Press report.

The AP stated that during that time “[the U.S. military] has ordered U.S. troops to turn back all males aged 15 to 55 because it believes many of Fallujah’s men are guerrilla fighters.” The battle is thought to have claimed a sizable number of innocent civilian lives.

When the project was reinstated, the controversy surrounding it resurfaced, with Psychology Today describing a “moral panic” and IGN Middle East noting that “Six Days in Fallujah is complicated and painful for those connected to the real events.”

A petition with the title “Stop High wire Games and Victura from normalising the mass murder of Iraqis” has already received 5,000 signatures (and counting).


Highwire Games is creating the current iteration of Six Days in Fallujah, which is planned for release in the second half of 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Highwire stated that the game would be released in 2021 when it was re-announced the previous year. The team chose to postpone it until 2022 in order to enhance and polish the game.

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Six Days In Fallujah Game

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