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Showtrial Season 2


Showtrial Season 2 Updates: In the television show Showtrial, a high-profile murder case garners the interest of both the general public and the media, thrusting Cleo Roberts, a formerly prominent lawyer who is defending the main suspect, back into the public eye.

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Joseph Payne, Kerr Logan, and Celine Buckens appear in the television series Showtrial. It was written by Ben Richards and directed by Zara Hayes.

Five episodes, titled Praying for Her, Little Horses, Lady Tease, Velleities, and The Long Voyage, are included in the first season of the television show Showtrial.

Maybe there will be five episodes in the second season of the television show Showtrial. The number of episodes for the second season of the television series Showtrial is still unknown. Any updates we receive will be added here as they come in. See what happens after that.

Ben Richards, Simon Heath, and Mona Qureshi served as executive producers of the television series Showtrial. The director was Christopher Hall.

Showtrial was produced by World Productions. The television show Showtrial was syndicated by ITV Studios Global Entertainment. On BBC One, the show Showtrial has debuted.


Find the expected cast of Showtrial Season 2 below.

· Tracy Ifeachor as Cleo Roberts

· Celine Buckens as Talitha Campbell

· Kerr Logan as James Thornley

· Amy Marston as Lydia Vendler

·  Abra Thompson as Hannah Ellis

·  Angus Castle-Doughty as Troy Manners

·  James Frain as Sir Damian Campbell

·  Amy Morgan as Heidi McKinnon

· Elizabeth Rider as Dame Isobel Cavendish, The Hon Mrs. Justice Cavendish

· Lolita Chakrabarti as Meera Harwood

· Sharon D. Clarke as Virginia Hoult

·  Sinead Keenan as Detective Inspector Paula Cassidy

· Claire Lams as Andrea Ellis


Critics gave Season 1 of Showtrial very good reviews. It appears that viewers will respond well to the second season of the television show Showtrial.

The stage is now set for a case that will divide the country, as we saw in the first season of the television show Showtrial when one student vanishes and another is imprisoned.

But the primary concern is whether attorney Cleo will be able to defend her client when additional information becomes available.

Talitha threatens to escape Cassidy’s control, so Cleo tries to press the case, but a surprising arrest of a third suspect also reveals the most recent and enigmatic idea regarding what happened to Hannah.

However, as the murder trial draws near, Cleo must deal with a brand-new tabloid controversy that directly sheds a new and damaging light on Talitha’s motivations.

Later, a sensational trial starts, and the prosecution must show that Talitha and Dhillon committed Hannah Ellis’s murder together.


Showtrial Season 2 has not yet been given a release date. We anticipate that it will be announced soon. It appears that Showtrial Season 2 will premiere on BBC One sometime in 2023.

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Showtrial Season 2

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