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Shopify Partners With YouTube to Tap Into Growing Pool of Content Creators

Shopify Inc. on Tuesday announced a collaboration with YouTube to enable retailers to sell through the video platform as the number of content creators creating their own e-commerce stores surges.

Business owners would be able to connect their online stores to YouTube, which receives more than two billion monthly visitors, thanks to the partnership, which builds on one currently in place with Google.

Shopify, a start-up that develops tools for retailers to set up their online stores, released new features in June to help its clients sell to other businesses and on Twitter in an effort to fight a post pandemic slump in online purchasing.

Due to consumers’ resumption of shopping, the company lost its top status as Canada’s most valuable company, and its shares have lost more than three-quarters of their worth this year.

Amir Kabbara, director of product, marketplaces, and creators at Shopify, predicted that the collaboration with YouTube will increase the company’s gross merchandise volume, a crucial success indicator.

Highlights Shopify Partners With YouTube

• During live streaming, retailers can tag and pin products.
• The business dropped out of first place as Canada’s most valuable firm.
• A collaboration that enables businesses to link their online stores to YouTube

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During live streams, retailers can tag and pin products, display a handpicked selection of products beneath on-demand films, and add a store link to their YouTube channel to highlight their goods.

Shopify, which also has partnerships with TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks, reported that in the first quarter of the year, orders placed through such partner integrations quadrupled.

The potential for small businesses to build NFTgated storefronts as a method to make their stores more exclusive was among the new capabilities that Shopify introduced last month.

The start-up that enables companies to build unique eCommerce storefronts has launched a framework that lets businesses open “token gated stores” that fans may only access if they have tokens from a specific brand.

As part of Editions, a twice-yearly worldwide product update from Shopify, a new feature for businesses called NFTgating is being released. According to Shopify, this release includes more than 100 platform upgrades.

Additionally, the company is introducing the option of minting and selling NFTs directly from the blockchain and onto the website. Twelve NFT minting apps are suggested, with Flow, Polygon, Solana, and Ethereum named as supporting blockchain.

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