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Shinzo Abe Killing: Hideo Kojima Threatens To Sue Over False Posts: Latest Updates!!!


Shinzo Abe Updates: Japan’s longest standing prime minister, who retired due to illness after serving for a year in 2006 and then again from 2012 until 2020.Later, Abe disclosed that he had experienced a return of the bowel condition ulcerative colitis.While in power, he campaigned for more forceful defence and foreign policy initiatives and fought to change Japan’s pacifist post World War II constitution.The hashtag “We want democracy, not violence” was trending on Japanese social media throughout day Friday as users expressed their outrage and revulsion at Mr. Abe’s murder.

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In reaction to fictitious posts that accuse him of murdering Shinzo Abe, a well-known video game producer has threatened legal action. Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear, was shown in images on the website 4chan to be involved in the former prime minister of Japan’s slaying. Reports state that news organisations in Greece and Iran broadcast the images after getting them from a French politician. Kojima Productions issued a statement “strongly criticising the propagation of fake news and rumours that spread false information. ”Using a picture of Kojima, the 4chan post erroneously described him as a “left-wing extremist” with a criminal history.Additionally, it featured images of him posing next to a portrait of Marxist rebel Che Guevara and another of him sporting a particular style of ushanka, or fur hat, worn by troops in Soviet Russia.A politician from France named Damien Rieu who is associated with the nationalist movement in his nation was found to have uploaded images of Kojima together with the statement

Shinzo Abe

“The far left murders” on social media, according to screenshots.After apologising to Kojima, he has subsequently deleted his tweet and stated that he “naively took a joke for information” and “was stupid not to check before publishing.”The game director’s company responded by tweeting a statement in which it threatened to take legal action in reaction to the propagation of false information.After being shot with a handmade gun last Friday, Mr. Abe passed away.According to the police, the suspect, Tetsuya Yamagami, 41, has admitted to the murder.Details are frequently hazy and emotions are high right after a disaster.When accurate information is lacking, false assertions fill the void, and Mr. Abe’s murder was no exception.On Japanese social media, rumours circulated that the assassination was faked, Mr. Abe wasn’t bleeding in photographs, the man who was detained wasn’t the true culprit, and that he was Korean or Chinese.The focus, however, was on Mr. Kojima and a parody of an Asian hating stereotype in other areas of the world.The largest online subculture hub, 4chan, is arguably where many misleading claims and memes originated.Mr. Kojima has previously been the subject of online falsehoods. Just a few weeks ago, during the US abortion debate, posts falsely accusing him of “aborting and mummifying a baby” went viral.The wisest course of action is, as always, to hold off on posting unconfirmed statements, regardless of how popular they may be, in favour of waiting for trustworthy information from relevant agencies and respectable news sources.

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