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Sharp Decline in Fuel rates as States Join Centre. 

States Joins Centre

Fuel rates Updates: The Centre took the initiative with the coming festival to take the rates down for the fuels, which was on the rise for a long. Many states have also joined the Centre in the initiative. On November 5, many states across the country announced Value Added Tax cuts.
Rates were earlier at the surge before the cuts were announced on the occasion of Diwali, which calmed many across the country, almost everyone.

Fuel rates On Wednesday, November 3. 

On the eve of Diwali, the Centre announced cuts in the price rates of Diesel by about 10 rupees per litre where for Petrol, the reduction was made up by rupees 5 per litre.
The Centre made those reductions as they cut the excise duty taxes from the rates.
The reductions made were the highest ever deductions made in the prices for fuels in History; the Government of India ensured that it has made maximum efforts to bring down the concern of many who were disturbed as the hikes in fuel prices were continued to stay.

Fuel rate

Finance Ministry released a statement afterwards that “Government of India has taken a significant decision of reducing Central Excise Duty on Petrol and Diesel by rupees 5 and 10 respectively from tomorrow”, on Wednesday, November 3.
The government also, in the statement ensured the citizens that initiatives had been taken to make sure that commodities like Diesel and Petrol would be available for use accordingly.


Fuel rates: VAT cuts by States

With the reduction of VAT, States joined the Centre into bringing the rates down for commodities like petrol and Diesel.
The reduction has brought back the price for Petrol at Rupees 103.97 per liter and Diesel at Rupees 86.67 per liter after the excise duty cuts for the National Capital Territory region of Delhi.

Other revised rates are mentioned down below for other states.

Name Rates

Delhi Petrol at ₹103.97 and Diesel at ₹86.67
Mumbai Petrol at ₹ 109.98 and Diesel at ₹94.14
Chennai Petrol at ₹101.40 and Diesel at ₹91.43
Kolkata Petrol at ₹104.67 and Diesel at ₹89.79
Hyderabad Petrol at ₹108.20 and Diesel at ₹94.62
Bhopal Petrol at ₹107.23 and Diesel at ₹90.87
Bengaluru Petrol at ₹100.58 and Diesel at ₹85.01
Chandigarh Petrol at ₹100.12 and diesel at ₹86.46
Guwahati Petrol at ₹94.58 and diesel at ₹81.29
Thiruvananthapuram Petrol at ₹103.36 and diesel at ₹ 93.47
Lucknow Petrol at ₹95.28 and diesel at ₹86.80
Gandhinagar Petrol at ₹95.35 and diesel at ₹89.33

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