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Shantaram Season 1 Series: Latest Entertainment News!!!

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Shantaram Season 1 Updates: In the latest entertainment news today you are going to get all the information about a shantaram season 1.

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The new drama series Shantaram on Apple TV+ is based on Gregory David Roberts’ (opens in new tab) worldwide bestselling book of the same name and is partially based on the author’s own experiences. Charlie Hunnam, of Sons of Anarchy fame, plays former heroin addict and prison fugitive Lin Ford, who tries to elude authorities and trouble by getting lost in the exciting world of 1980s Bombay. Lin Ford encounters danger and intrigue in India. However, when Lin falls in love with a woman named Karla in this 12part series, things start to get complicated for him (Atonia Desplat).


Shantaram is set in the 1980s and centres on the frantic heroin addict and runaway Lin Ford (Charlie Hunnam), who has just escaped from an Australian prison where he had been imprisoned for robbery. He ultimately resorts to using the pretence of a doctor to try to create a new life and flee justice on the busy streets of Bombay (now called Mumbai).Lin struggles to put his past behind him in India, though, as he quickly becomes involved with neighbourhood gangs and the conflict with Russian forces advancing into Afghanistan. But when he falls in love with a strange woman named Karla, his life becomes even more difficult (Antonia Desplat). Will he choose to give up his freedom in order to be with her?Graham David Roberts, the author of Shantaram, claims that “Charlie came to visit me.” He is a superb performer and a profoundly spiritual seeker. The pages are brought to life by a fantastic crew. For those who have read Shantaram, it promises to be a fascinating new experience, and for those who haven’t, it promises to be a rather wild ride.


The series also features Shiv Palekar, Elektra Kilbey, Fayssal Bazzi, Luke Pasqualino, Antonia Desplat, Alyy Khan, Sujaya Dasgupta, Vincent Perez, David Field, Alexander Siddig, Gabrielle Scharnitzky, Elham Ehsas, Rachel Kamath, Matthew Joseph, and Charlie Hunnam as Lin, in addition to Radhika Apte as Kavita.Steve Lightfoot, who also acts as the showrunner, cocreated, wrote, and executive produced the television series. Bharat Nalluri is the executive producer and director.Along with Eric Warren Singer, who cocreated the series, Andrea Barron, Nicole Clemens, Steve Golin, and Justin Kurzel also serve as executive producers. AC Studios and Paramount Television Studios collaborate to create “Shantaram” for Apple.


The first three episodes of the 12episode drama series Shantaram will premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, October 14, 2022. After that, there will be one new episode released every week, starting on Friday and continuing until December 16, 2022.

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Shantaram Season 1
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