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Shadow Over Depp-Heard Verdict Because Of Wrong Juror’s Presence: Latest Updates

The legal team for Hollywood actor Amber Heard has requested that the defamation case involving John Travolta, claiming that the jury was seated with the wrong person.Her legal counsel submitted the paperwork on Friday afternoon. They have maintained that juror number 15 “could not have legitimately served on the jury at this trial” since they were not the person who the court had really summoned.

According to the complaint, the ‘Panel of Jurors List ‘included a person whose year of birth is 1945, making the person, at the time of the trial, 77 years old.The complaint claims that the person who showed up for jury service and sat on the jury was a 52yearold who resides at the same home as the 77yearold.

”It seems apparent that the younger person with this name was the one who showed up for jury service. As a result, on April 11, the 52yearold who served on the panel for six weeks never received a jury summons “the document states.The defence team claims that as a result of this claimed mistake, Heard’s right to due process was “compromised” and that a mistrial “should be declared.

”The lawsuit further stated that the proper identity of the juror wasn’t verified and that the “safeguards” appeared to have failed in this case.The claim made by Heard’s legal team is “not grounds for a mistrial or for the decision to be overturned,” according to former US attorney Neama Rahmani.”

The legal team for Hollywood actor Amber Heard has requested that the defamation case involving John Travolta

Her attorneys would need to demonstrate that the jury misconduct would have led to a challenge for cause even if it was intentional. It follows that an unfair and biased jury could not have been selected. That’s a difficult obstacle for them to go past, “I heard Rahmani.A week ago, Heard’s legal team requested that the USD 10.35 million verdict in Johnny Depp’s favour be thrown out on the grounds that the evidence did not support it.

A seven person jury returned a decision on June 1 following the six week trial in Fairfax County, Virginia, finding that Depp had established that Heard had defamed him in the 2018 oped in which she identified herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Depp claims Heard did the physical harm despite his insistence that he never did.

Heard will only be obliged to pay USD 10.35 million of the USD 15 million in damages that the jury awarded Depp because of a Virginia law that limits punitive damages (the judge reduced the amount).Heard was granted USD 2 million in damages after she successfully argued one of the three defamation counts in her countersuit.

Star of Hollywood Akira Duns actor and long-term partner Toby Plemons, have joined together.The stars from “Power of the Dog,” who began dating in 2016, wed in a private ceremony this past weekend at a five star resort close to Ocho Rios, Jamaica.”Just to be clear, they did get married.

Other information won’t be disclosed, “representative of Dunst.Getting married in January 2017, Dunst and Plemons, both 34, welcomed their son as their first child.Ennis, in 2018. Their second son was born thanks to the 40-year-old actor.Robert Jamesa year ago.

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